KNIME Spring Summit 2023

Presentations from KNIME Spring Summit 2023 on April 17–19, 2023

KNIME Spring Summit 2023
A Few Comments on AI & Data Science

Speaker: Michael Berthold

The world is abuzz with controversy over the use of AI. Hear a sober take on how AI is useful for sanity checking or for skipping the annoying 60% so you don’t have to start from scratch--but less useful in (many) other cases. 

The CDDS Extension for KNIME Business Hub

Speakers: Michael Berthold, Karen Abraham, Simon Schmid

What happens when you need insights delivered not just to five or ten people, but disseminated across the entire enterprise? KNIME announced the release of its first ever Business Hub Extension for the continuous delivery of data science (CDDS).  In this presentation, see a demo of how organizations can securely deploy data science solutions with a standardized – but fully customizable – end-to-end process.

Highlights & Updates

Speakers: Bernd Wiswedel, Iris Adä, Carsten Haubold, Megan Kattawar

Hear from the KNIME team about the latest software updates. Learn about the new KNIME Analytics Platform Version 5 that features an improved UX/UI empowering beginners to get started faster with visual workflows.  Also learn how framework enhancements improve connectivity, how a new Scikit extension makes an ML Python toolkit functionality available in KNIME, and more.

Learn more about how KNIME supports the continuous deployment of data science solutions

How Guided Data Wrangling Accelerates Time to Insight

Nithin Thomas (ZF Friedrichshafen AG), Maria Kaiser (thaltegos GmbH)

ZF Test Systems have put advanced analytics into the hands of domain experts with KNIME data apps. Watch to hear how ZF has empowered front-line production and quality engineers to accelerate the analysis of production failures and gain invaluable insight into production steps that could affect production faults at a much earlier stage.

From Zero to Hero with KNIME at Anadolu Insurance

Speakers: Selin Erimhan, Vedat Güneş (Anadolu Insurance)

Watch how Anadolu Insurance improved fraud detection, built analytic models for various projects, and automated processes with KNIME. Find out how they saved nearly 8.5 million euro by increasing the accuracy of fraud detection and cutting down model building time to 2 hours, with results available in 10 seconds.

Weedkiller Workflow: How Siemens Cut Out Manual Tasks and Streamlined Data Gardening with KNIME

Speaker: Philipp Kowalski (Siemens)

Are spreadsheets strangling your workflow garden? Philipp Kowalski, Digital Enablement Agent, demonstrated how by automating data preparation with KNIME, Siemens is able to provide 300+ factories with robust, usable data. Watch the video to see also how Siemens has developed data literacy with a collaborative approach.

Identifying Clinically Relevant Patient Cohorts

Speakers: Scott Morrison, Wendy Moore (Diaceutics)

Healthcare data analytics company Diaceutics has empowered clinical medical teams with a KNIME solution to work with data themselves. Watch to learn how the solution increases project throughput, reduces translational errors, and provides clear paths for drug companies working on advanced cancer treatments.

Fireside Chat: Driving Life Science Innovation with Open Source Developments

Moderator: Janina Mothes (KNIME); Panelists: Stephen Roughley (Vernalis), Julianus Pfeuffer (Zuse Institute Berlin), Manuel Schwarze (Novartis)

The KNIME Community Extensions are a valuable resource for data scientists who need to expand the functionality of their KNIME workflows for specific use cases. Meet the developers behind a few of the integrations like RDKit, Vernalis and OpenMS. Hear their experiences contributing to the KNIME Community Extensions and get their best practices for leveraging these resources.

Meet your Customers

Speaker: Francisco Villarroel (Luiss Guido Carli University)

Watch this video to see how modern customer analytics techniques enable you to better know and target customers. Learn techniques for search engine optimization, brand tracking, and customer touchpoint analysis. Find out how to improve decision-making with precise knowledge of brand perception and customer engagement.

BDO Ireland’s Innovative Digital Transformation with KNIME

Speaker: Chris Nugent (BDO Ireland)

Hear how BDO, a multinational financial consulting firm, saved 1000+ hours of manual work by automating processes for VAT checks, timesheet file error detection, and data cleansing of LMS file exports. Discover BDO’s mechanism for selecting the latest technologies that provide most innovation and value for their clients.

Panel: Experiences in Data Literacy: Teaching You How to Fish

Moderator: Rosaria Silipo (KNIME); Panelists: Stefan Helfrich (KNIME), Ina Kayser (IST-Hochschule für Management), Francisco Villarroel (Luiss Guido Carli University)

Today, everyone needs the ability to gain insights from data without depending on experts. Some of us have already embarked on the journey to help others help themselves. Watch this panel to hear experts share their experiences in data literacy programs and what drives success. Learn how to teach professionals to fish themselves rather than giving them just the fish.

Panel Discussion: “The Experts’ Recipe” for Scaling Data Science Across the Organization

Moderator: Phil Winters (KNIME); Panelists: David Abekasis (ICL Group), Sven Michalczyk (Bosch), Heiko Höbbel (KPMG), Sebastian Eckert (Audi)

At KNIME, we have noticed a pattern amongst organizations that have successfully upskilled their workforce and made data-driven decisioning pervasive across their business. Watch this panel discussion to hear experts from some of these organizations share their formula on how to successfully scale data science across the enterprise.

Predicting Home Palliative Care Needs for Cancer Patients

Speakers: Rita Ostan, Alberto Montanari Fondazione (ANT Italia ONLUS)

ANT Foundation is the largest non-profit organization in Italy for free home medical assistance to cancer patients. Watch this session to learn how ANT used KNIME to predict assistance duration, care intensity, and pain therapy to facilitate treatment planning, optimize resource allocation, and maximize the impact of care for patients and their families. Hear how technology can be applied to a very human dimension, conferring dignity to life in every phase of disease progression.

Wafer Contamination Detector: A KNIME-made Prototype in the Litho Industry

Speaker: Ignacio Gonzalez Alonso (ASML)

Watch this session to learn how ASML developed a wafer contamination detector with KNIME for real time monitoring of wafer health to prevent scrap and rework. Learn how they rolled out low code machine learning for everyone in the organization with more than 800 people across HR, finance, engineering, and supply chain using KNIME for various use cases.

Workshop: Maximizing the Potential of Data Science with KNIME and Python

Speakers: Paolo Tamagnini, Mahantesh Pattadkal, Carsten Haubold (KNIME)

Watch this video to learn how Python can be used together with KNIME. Discover how to wrap Python scripts in KNIME components and learn about writing KNIME nodes and extensions in Python. This new capability offers data scientists an easy coding framework to integrate Python libraries into KNIME by defining node configuration, execution, as well as dialog definition via a Pythonic API.

Workshop: Hitchhiker's Guide to KNIME Analytics Platform Version 5

Speakers: Elisabeth Richter, Emilio Silvestri, Schalk Gerber (KNIME)

Learn how KNIME Analytics Platform Version 5 makes it easier than ever for new users to get started using an intuitive workflow editor, an enhanced node search, and a new set of data wrangling functionalities. Learn how to use the new “Starter Perspective” - a curated set of nodes for beginners – to make an easy transition from spreadsheets to visual workflows.

Workshop: KNIME Analytics Platform: Tips, Tricks & Best Practices

Speakers: Martyna Pawletta, Tobias Koetter (KNIME)

Have you been in situations where you feel like your workflow is slower than you expected? The workflow ended up being very big, confusing and maintenance has become an issue? Or do you even frequently run into memory issues? Watch this video to get best practices, tips & tricks around reusability, efficiency and security when working with KNIME Analytics Platform.

Partner of the Year Ceremony

Meet Infocom, Zalesia, and InforA, winners of the KNIME Partner Awards 2023. Infocom has shown outstanding success organizing community events in Japan. Zalesia has been a true ambassador for the Korean-speaking analytics community, translating KNIME resources into Korean. InforA was a key player in the development of a highly innovative fraud detection solution together with Anadolu Insurance.


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