Financial Services Analytics

Create personalized offerings, ensure regulatory compliance, reduce risk, and improve operational efficiency with data-driven insights.

KNIME: Digitally Transforming Financial Services Organizations



  • Create personalized offerings, recommend the right products and reduce churn

  • Detect and predict fraud faster, uncover money laundering threats and mitigate  risk 

  • Comply with regulations, ensure auditability, and meet financial reporting requirements

How ING is empowering its auditors with data analytics and process mining
How Rabobank prevents anti-money laundering by detecting unknown patterns
How Webbankir is making automated and more accurate credit decisions
How Truata anonymizes credit card data to deliver customer insights
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"We trained all 300 auditors in two days to become data literate and start doing the first steps in KNIME themselves and understand its potential."

Michiel Krol, Head of Audit Data Excellence, Rabobank
Detecting Unknown Patterns for Anti-Money Laundering

Learn how Rabobank enabled 300 auditors to conduct anomaly detection independently.

Analytical Data Model for Banking Supervision

Perttu Korhonen shows how Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority created a data model for banking supervision. The team now spends their time on analyses rather than on scrutinizing financial statements.

Building an Anti-Fraud Profiler using ML

Edgar Osuna from TODO1 Services explains how they built an anti-fraud profiler to deal with transactional fraud mitigation.

A Single Intuitive Interface for Simple and Complex Data Work

Consolidate, cleanse, and process data from all new and legacy sources on a single, intuitive platform. Automate tedious data processing or build advanced models for fraud detection and anti-money laundering. KNIME’s visual interface makes data analysis accessible to both business and data experts. Build visual workflows to ensure traceability for compliance – from customer interactions to transactions processing to financial reporting.

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Analytic Depth for More Responsive Financial Services

Build sophisticated models to quickly identify fraudulent transactions, calculate accurate credit scores, predict cash flow, anticipate customer needs, and more. Allow your data science teams to deploy these complex workflows to financial analysts, compliance officers, risk experts, and other business users via interactive data apps.

Enterprise-Scale Data Analytics Platform

Access the right data needed for analysis while ensuring granular governance and security at data, workflow, and application levels. Ensure regulatory compliance by making each analysis auditable, debuggable, and explainable to others with self-documenting workflows and versioning. Schedule workflows to automate data grunt work such as budget monitoring, EUC remediation, ledger error and compliance, KPI reporting. Connect easily with other enterprise tools like Tableau and PowerBI.

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Future-Proof with Open Source

Stay ahead of the changing landscape with constant advancements and innovation powered by a global, open-source community. 

Make the most of the ready solutions and blueprints for fraud detection, risk scoring, ledger entry and reconciliation, and more in the KNIME Hub.

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