KNIME for Business and Domain Experts

Access and blend data, perform advanced analyses, and deliver timely insights, all in a visual, interactive environment that eliminates the need to code.

  • Connect to all your data and get insights faster, without relying on IT

  • Build analytics of any complexity, from ETL to ML, without writing code

  • Accelerate speed to insight with a library of reusable, pre-built workflows

  • Upskill to ever more sophisticated analytics techniques with an intuitive UI

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Why KNIME for Business and Domain Experts

Access data from any source

Connect to all your data sources, access any file format, retrieve data from cloud resources or external services, and more, in one intuitive, visual workflow environment. Self-sufficiently integrate and transform data in the same visual environment with a broad set of out-of-the-box functionality - no dependencies on IT.

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Get to insights faster

Use visual workflows from others as blueprints to start your analyses faster. Automate time-consuming, manual data tasks like data prep and reporting by building a workflow once and using it repeatedly. See each step of the analysis clearly, minimize the time to spot and fix errors, even for larger datasets, unlike error-prone and hard to debug spreadsheets. Share these visual workflows either privately or publicly with your wider organization to build a knowledge base. Collaborate effortlessly between multiple users and minimize back and forth with version control, tracking, and auditing.

Upskill using an intuitive UI

Get access to thousands of self-explanatory nodes designed to perform the actions you want on your data. Create workflows for any analysis of any level of complexity from automating spreadsheets, to ETL, to ML, by joining nodes together via an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface - no need for coding. Enhance your knowledge with pre-built workflow samples and expert insights from the KNIME Community Hub and Forum.

Intuitive UI
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Easily deploy reports, data apps, and services

Deploy your workflows as interactive data apps or REST APIs or reports bringing insights to anyone in the organization while enabling self-sufficiency. Build dynamic and parameterized data apps with a no-code, low-code framework that lets end users access analyses of any complexity.

Community-driven innovation

Stay on the bleeding edge of data science with KNIME’s open source approach that provides integrations to all popular machine learning libraries and 300+ connectors to data sources. Avoid vendor lock-in with the extensibility of KNIME and get the ability to adapt to changing business needs through an open platform.


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