At KNIME, we are merging science with state-of-the-art technology. We are looking for enthusiastic people who are interested in helping to continue building great software and supporting our awesome user base. We offer competitive salaries, a chance to be part of a rapidly growing, young company and the opportunity to participate in one of the hottest technology areas out there: making sense of data!

We are not really looking for people who bring along predefined skill sets - instead, we are searching for new members of a highly interactive team, people who enjoy being part of an evolving project and seeing their job description evolve over time while the company grows. If you don't find a job that fits your skill set below but you'd love to help us make a difference, feel free to reach out and explain how you could fit into the team.



Please directly apply using the links above for the listed positions. We do not expect elaborate explanations of how you might fit with our team but adding a paragraph or two explaining how your expertise and interests match what we do at KNIME will help us put your application into context (and have it stick out among the many mass applications that we unfortunately receive every day as well).

And if you do believe your background and interests fit in with KNIME in other ways not listed above, send an email to: In that case, definitely add a few explanatory paragraphs and ideally point us to an example or two of your past work and explain how you think this could fit with KNIME.

Absolutely, positively no recruiters. This also includes those that start their messages with "I know you don't want to be contacted by recruiters"...