KNIME Trusted Partners

KNIME Trusted Partners are providing consulting services in the area of business intelligence, CRM analysis, financial services, LIMS integration, Life Sciences and other industries. They are authorized to license KNIME commercial software and provide commercial support for KNIME Analytics Platform. See below for a list of the current KNIME Trusted partners.


Infocom Corporation
Infocom Corporation offers a wide range of IT services and solutions for the life science market in Japan with more than 20 years of experience. INFOCOM's software solutions include Drug Design, ADMET, Data Mining, Statistical Analysis, Proteome, and Genome analysis. For use with the KNIME open source workflow platform, INFOCOM plans to release novel KNIME nodes incorporating INFOCOM's proprietary software and other third party software technologies. In February 2008, INFOCOM released its "JChem Extensions" which empowers researchers to work with chemical structure data using ChemAxon's software tools and the KNIME platform.


DYMATRIX CONSULTING GROUP is a premier consulting firm focused on Analytical CRM, Campaign Management & Optimization and Data Mining Automation. Their expertise lies in conception and implementation of leading edge Business Analytics technologies, processes and solutions, such as automated adaptive model training and scoring. Fields of consulting are Next Best Offer / Next Best Activity, Affinity modeling (Up Selling / Cross Selling), Churn-/Retention Modeling, Credit Scoring / Credit Limit Allocation, Fraud Detection, Demand Forecasting, Text Mining, Customer Segmentation, Basket Analysis / Sequence Analysis, Maintenance Intelligence and Supply Chain Intelligence. Their consulting expertise is complemented by their products DynaMine® and the enterprise campaign management suite DynaCampaign®. DynaMine® is a revolutionary Advanced Analytics Framework for automated, adaptive model training and model management. DynaMine® enables streamlined, cost-effective and fully-integrated data mining processes and supports real-time model training and scoring for any predictive modeling algorithm. Furthermore DynaMine® offers platform-independent plug-and-play scoring capabilities, providing end-to-end analytic services based on open standards – for online shops, mobile devices or any operational system. For more information please visit


 DATATRONIQ was founded by a team of advanced analytics, big data and cloud infrastructure enthusiasts, all with a passion for and a commitment to making the data-driven real-time shop floor a reality for manufacturers. Their vision to redefine industrial analytics is a result of a simple observation: the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) with its connected always-on devices emits massive data streams and information, but manufacturers have not yet adapted. This mismatch led DATATRONIQ to create a visionary solution for industrial analytics with stunning visualizations, easy-to-use dashboards and sophisticated, real-time analytics capabilities. Exemplary fields of application are Predictive Maintenance, Shopfloor Intelligence, Quality Control & Functional Safety, and Industrial Security. With the integrated DATATRONIQ solution manufacturers can now leverage data-driven strategies to innovate, compete, and capture value by delivering analytical experiences that are relevant, proactive, and predictive. For more information please visit


Since 1993, EPAM Systems, Inc. (NYSE: EPAM), has leveraged its core engineering expertise to become a leading global product development and digital platform engineering services company. Through its 'Engineering DNA' and innovative strategy, consulting, and design capabilities, EPAM works in collaboration with its customers to deliver innovative solutions that turn complex business challenges into real business opportunities. EPAM's global teams serve customers in over 25 countries across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. EPAM is a recognized market leader among independent research agencies and was ranked #8 in FORBES 25 Fastest Growing Public Tech Companies, as a top information technology services company on FORTUNE'S 100 Fastest Growing Companies, and as a top UK Digital Design & Build Agency.


Fractal Analytics
Fractal Analytics is a global analytics firm that helps Fortune 500 companies gain competitive advantage through deep understanding of consumers and better data driven decisions. Fractal Analytics delivers insight, innovation and impact through advanced analytics, deep learning and visual storytelling.
Fractal is a strategic analytics partner to some of the most admired companies globally with offices across 13 global locations including the United States, UK and India. The company has earned recognition by industry analysts and has been named one of the top five “Cool Vendors in Analytics” and a "Vendor to watch" by research advisor Gartner.
Fractal is backed by Khazanah Nasional Berhad, the strategic investment fund of the Government of Malaysia; TA associates, a Boston based global private equity firm; AIMIA, the world's largest loyalty firm and Gulu Mirchandani of Onida.


Soluzione Informatiche
Soluzione Informatiche's(S-IN) mission is to partner with their customers in order to carry out specific R&D projects by providing state-of-the-art software solutions and, even more important, well-trained professionals with a longtime experience in cheminformatics, infometrics and bioinformatics. Their services include: Consultancy, Contracted Research, Training, Software Distribution, Software Development, and Hardware. S-IN personnel attend national and international conferences and meetings: they give oral communications or poster sessions, and appear as authors or co-authors on several articles published on renowned international journals.


MMI Agency
MMI Agency, a Houston-based conversation agency, has partnered with KNIME AG to provide global brands a new means to maximize the value of their data. This strategic partnership allows brands to deploy scalable and innovative toolsets on top of existing marketing data stacks, in order to increase market share and, ultimately, profit margins. MMI Agency offers consultative services in the integration of KNIME with marketing and advertising campaigns, in addition to thought leadership in the forms of webinars, meet-ups, articles, whitepapers and conferences. 


Forest Grove Technology

Forest Grove Technology is an Australian company that was established in 2004 as a specialist supplier of (CPM) Corporate Performance Management solutions sourced from Canadian software company Prophix software. Prophix helps companies move on from a heavy dependence on a complexity of spreadsheet systems and improve the business critical budgeting, forecasting and management reporting process. Growth in the customer base throughout Australia and New Zealand saw the company expand the solutions supplied to include self service data visualization business intelligence solution from leading (BI) technology supplier Tableau. In 2015 the company formed a partnership with KNIME to allow the company to offer a more comprehensive data analytics solution that includes data transformation, data blending and advanced data analytics. With the integration of KNIME Forest Grove is today in a position to offer to the Australian and NZ marketplace the industries leading open source Advanced Analytics technology. For more information visit




HupData operates in Brazil and is focused on helping customers turn questions into relevant actions for their business through data analysis. We are not just enthusiasts of the democratization of big data & analytics. We are passionate about using data to help companies and people get their best results, by deploying data analytics solutions. For more information please visit


Zementis, Inc. is a software company focused on predictive analytics and advanced Enterprise Decision Management technology. We combine science and software to create superior business and industrial solutions for our clients. Our scientific expertise includes statistical algorithms, machine learning, neural networks, and intelligent systems and our scientists have a proven record in producing effective predictive models to extract hidden patterns from a variety of data types. It is complemented by our product offering ADAPA®, a decision engine framework for real-time execution of predictive models and rules. For more information please visit


anterio has three different areas of expertise: IT Consulting, Research IT and Pharmaceutical Research. We design IT architectures, offer remote as well as on-site support and act as your strategic IT outsourcing partner. For more than 10 years anterio develops independent and customer-oriented solutions. Our customers benefit from the experience of anterio’s experts in manifold IT environments in several industries. For products of KNIME anterio provides maintenance, support and customized development.


DRI is a global consultancy company. With offices in five countries and successfully delivered projects worldwide, DRI helps organizations foster engagement and enhance customer experience through technological channels. DRI has 4 main areas of application focus: Web, Platforms, Mobile and Emerging Media; all connected to our CRM, Social CRM and Business Intelligence solutions.  DRI innovates with its customers, building solutions using agile methods, leading to the optimal match between the business need, technology and function.


arvato is an integrated provider of business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions for companies and governments, guiding those solutions to the end customer interaction around five areas: Digital Document Solutions, Business Intelligence, Customer Services, Supply Chain (Logistics and Aftersales) and Financial Services. With a workforce of 7,000 employees, generated sales in 2011 of 170 million euros.  arvato, Bertelsmann AG Group is present in 35 countries, with a workforce of 68,000 professionals and sales of 5,357 million euros. In Spain, the avarto Business Intelligence Unit has been developing projects and services for leading companies in the Spanish market for 15 years.  A staff of over 50 is specialized in delivering projects and services, giving support to the decision makers of these companies.  Solutions cover all areas of analysis and execution: statistics, data mining, geomarketing, query and reporting as well as multichannel communication.  You can read more about avarto here.


Tax Management Associates, Inc. (TMA)
Tax Management Associates, Inc. (TMA) began its business in 1979 and has since grown into one of the nation’s largest and most experienced providers of revenue enhancement services and tax office consulting for state and local government. TMA has served over 500 plus clients in eighteen (18) states in a variety of concerns, inlcuding providing specialist auditors, technology solutions, and outsourcing.


Quantum Bio Solutions
Quantum Bio Solutions' main mission is to provide its customers with virtual drug discovery consulting services using a variety of software and customized programs implementing cutting-edge computational scientific methods which includes quantum mechanical calculations. We also distribute Schrödinger products, which have been garnering rave reviews from pharmaceutical companies worldwide within Korean market and provide consulting/education for their use.


DatKnoSys (Data Knowledge Systems) is a company based on Spain with offices in Barcelona and Madrid specialized on integrate and analyse data, both internal an external, to transform it on actionable strategic knowledge to guide decisions aiming to increase market share, revenue and profit.
We distribute and provide support and consultancy services on KNIME as part of an open-source framework that also includes ETL, databases, reporting and dashboard components to develop our solutions that includes: Advanced Customer Intelligence, Marketing Analytics, Geomarketing, Web Analytics, Risk Analysis and Server Optimization.


SISTEK SOFTWARE AND CONSULTANCY INC. builds niche solutions and business application for the manufacturing, logistic and finance market mainly in Turkey since 1992. SISTEK’s major software solutions are Dealer Management System for automotive market, Service Management System for appliance and electronics market, Credit Management System for consumer goods. Also SISTEK involved special projects that include web, mobile, IoT solutions according to customer needs. SISTEK has strong and close co-operations with academic members of universities, which brings extra capabilities in Predictive Analytics area. Our aim with partnering KNIME is to embed Advanced Analytics in our business solutions and also to distribute and provide training, support and consultancy services on KNIME according to customers needs.


Life&Soft help Research and Pharmaceutical companies build on our expertise in bioinformatics, biostatistics, cheminformatics, biology, molecular modeling and pharmacology to make us your best partner to reach your IT and Research goals in Life Sciences.
Regarding your IT needs, we provide linux and cluster administration, High Performance Computing consulting, scripting for scientific tools, Python, R, .NET and Oracle and also Pipeline Pilot, KNIME development and KNIME server administration.
We now have a dedicated team for your Next Generation Sequencing analysis needs, we recently integrated our NGS analysis on KNIME server on the cloud to provide efficient follow-up, reporting and easy access to data processing options.


Advanced Analytic Services
Analytics (Advanced Analytic Services) is a Big Data and eCommerce Application Provider, Software Distributor, and a BI Services company headquartered in Shanghai with operations across Greater China and Asia Pacific. The company provides Advanced Analytics Solutions & Tools, Enterprise & SaaS/DaaS Applications, APIs, Mobile BI, and Enterprise Data Warehousing & Performance Management Solutions. The Analytics team consists of over 350 business professionals, including in-house development teams and Data Scientists. With nearly 15 years of industry experience helping MNC’s drive tangible business results, Analytics continues to build on past success and is focused on developing and adapting leading edge global analytics for the Asia market. Please visit our company website for more info.


DATABIZ is a System Integrator and IT/Business Consulting firm based in Italy with branches in Milan and Treviso. We design and build solutions, using innovative technologies and methodologies so to reach customer goals. We embrace the Reactive Manifesto to provide the next generation of Enterprise solutions solving issues related to Integration, reactive applications and Fast Data. We strongly believe in the value of partnership and we contribute in enterprise OpenSource project and co-developments activities with innovative partners.


Datasolution Inc.
Datasolution Inc., the leader of Advanced Analytics solution and Big Data Analytics, has been exclusively supplying SPSS predictive & data mining software for more than 20 years in Korea. In particular, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), data-based decision making system (optimization analysis, customer segmentation and so on), using Data Mining and Predictive Analytics for making better decisions. We also provide education and training to ensure efficient use of the software products and advanced analytical methods. For more information visit


AsiaAnalytics Taiwan Limited
AsiaAnalytics Taiwan Limited (hereinafter referred to as “AAT”) is data & analytics solution company based in Taipei, offers a wide scope of consulting services and solutions with competency in statistical and data mining modeling, big data analytics, advance planning and scheduling optimization as well as platform integration. Since 2011, AAT helps its clients to maximize business value, gain competitive advantage with data & analytics technology and implementation, its customers spread over industries of retail, financial, manufacturing, medical care and government sectors. AAT currently is the leading data analytics solutions provider in Taiwan.


Founded in 2000, Miriade IT consultancy company helps local business, providing solutions for security, data protection, implementation, Big Data training and project management. Miriade’s client base spans a wide range of industries, such as Diesel, Benetton, Calzedonia, Tecnica and Lotto. Miriade team operates within 4 main divisions (Data Base, Business Intelligence, Development and Architecture) and has many qualified and certified professionals ready to introduce companies in the Big Data’s world.


BitBang provides Digital Analytics, Digital Intelligence, Marketing Analytics, Customer Intelligence and Advanced Analytics services for companies looking for successful measurement and optimization programs in the multichannel analytics space. The company consultancy practice delivers actionable data driven insights combining technology, methodology and deep technical and strategic skills to achieve measurable results from across omni-channels.


BIZZEPS AG main goal is to achieve sustainable Enterprise Value Add (EVA) for its customers. As an independent solution provider for Insights Driven Strategy (IDS), Insights Driven Growth (IDG) and Insights Driven Performance (IDP) BIZZEPS creates value for its customers through the scalable, open source KNIME Analytics Platform combined with BIZZEPS insight-based stakeholder data enrichment, validation, and benchmark services.  This leads to better strategic decisions, successfully implemented growth initiatives, and performance optimization. In simple words – you sell more.


SandSIV is a global leader in integrated, comprehensive Voice of the Customer (VOC) and Customer Experience Management (CXM) software solutions. SandSIV's robust and proven technologies enable leading companies to actively analyze and manage the end-to-end Customer Experience (CX) and act in real-time on customer insights.  Its proprietary, end-to-end enterprise software solution allows to analyse customer feedbacks across digital and physical touch points, multiple channels, and over time, and to manage the cross-functional, end-to-end experience that shapes the customer’s view of a business.


Where quick reactions to ever changing business requirements are of paramount importance and subsequent decisions have a wide impact, we provide the pertinent facts. Informationsfabrik consultants are experts in the areas of Business Analytics, Business Intelligence, and Data Science. 
We produce information. 
Decision making in companies is based on the evaluation and analysis of information. Be it for intelligent marketing, for improved customer communications and recommender systems, or for determining churn probabilities: Accurate information to act upon has become a major asset for any business process. With methods provided by Data Analytics and Data Science, a whole lot of new possibilities to extract and condense information from data came into existence.
Following our self-developed approach, shaped by the experience from hundreds of projects, we handle vast amounts of data and deliver high quality information and predictions.We collaborate closely with our customers and help to expand their knowledge with individual trainings and valuable coaching. 
You need reliable information to act upon? We deliver. 
Since our foundation in 2000, we managed to become renowned business analytics experts. To give you certainty in a couple of mouse clicks is the goal we have devoted ourselves to.


GEMMACON is known for providing simple, effective solutions and passion for digitalization within the automotive industry. As a consulting company we focus on process, project and quality management. Our innovative Quality Analytics approach raises efficiency, understanding and visualization of data to a whole new level. GEMMACON creates the maximum added value for its customers through the reduction of warranty and goodwill costs, the growth of service revenue, and increased customer satisfaction.


Atos is a global leader in digital transformation with approximately 100,000 employees in 72 countries and annual revenue of around € 12 billion. The European number one in Big Data, Cybersecurity, High Performance Computing and Digital Workplace, the group provides Cloud services, Infrastructure & Data Management, Business & Platform solutions, as well as transactional services through Worldline, the European leader in the payment industry. Atos Codex is the Atos brand for advanced analytics, Internet of Things and cognitive solutions consisting of methodology, design labs, an open industrial platform factory as well as high-performance data analytics. It provides clients a complete set of solutions and capabilities to transform data into business outcomes.


ITGAIN is a consulting company focussed on Data Warehouse and Data Management. It is located in Hannover, Germany and works mainly for clients in the finance, banking and insurance sector. Founded by database specialists in 2001 it added expertise in application management, data integration, data governance and analytics. Today ITGAIN offers all services required to run large scale projects that move a company from data to decision. Including system integration, operational services and connectivity to legacy systems. ITGAIN developed the ITGAIN Analytical Process. In contrast to other approaches the ITGAIN Analytical Process has a strong emphasis on business value and on taking action based on the analytical findings.


adaptagis – adapt and generate innovative solutions: our claim is our proposition! We have long-standing experience in data analysis and gaining customer insights. For our clients in cross industries, we offer conception and implementation of cutting edge, innovative solutions matching their needs in data analysis, campaign management, marketing automatization and digital marketing.
We use KNIME as our principal data framework to enable data gathering from various sources and turn these items into smart data hosted on a comprehensive centrally sourced information system. By using the analytical capabilities of KNIME, we generate new insights into the data, making it possible to offer customized dashboards for decision making, automated reportings and alerting services.
In addition to our expertise in customer segmentation, automated adaptive model training, affinity modeling, basket optimizing, churn/retention modeling, prediction modeling and supply chain optimizing, our plus is the enrichment of the gathered customer data with additional datasets such as socio-economic statistics as an added value to gain yet unexplored insights.
Our decision making dashboards, automated campaigns with integrated social media, help our clients visualizing internal knowledge and gaining new customer insights.
That is how we enable our clients understand the needs of their customers, discover untapped potential, increase sales, open up new sales opportunities and manage multi-channel strategies.


AI.Associates offers big data analytics products and services that transform the way global companies make decisions. We fuse data, technology, and machine learning to give our clients a competitive edge. Our portfolio covers superior machine learning & big data technology consulting services, the big data distribution platform AI.Hub (with Apache Cassandra, Apache Spark & KNIME "inside") and a KNIME Competence Center where we provide KNIME expert services for KNIME Big Data Extensions, KNIME Server, KNIME node development, and of course Machine Learning & AI. For more information please visit


Quantum is a data science and analytics company based in Zürich, Switzerland. We help clients to identify their most valuable customers, products, or services; determine potential risks; discover hidden potential in their markets; pinpoint and eliminate bottlenecks and inefficiencies, and provide other insights to steer their business. We do this by combining business experience and knowledge with the application, implementation and teaching of scientific methods of data analysis, data management, reporting and modern visualization to turn data into information.


Crystalloids is based in the Netherlands and has been helping companies improve their customer engagements for over twenty years. They combine marketing, sales and e-commerce knowledge with in-depth knowledge of creating your 360° customer view, offering you eye-opening insights based on scalable machine learning and optimizing customer engagements in real-time, transforming your customers into fans. Their experience, knowledge and creativity guarantee that they always cross the finish line, even in the most complex marketing environments.
They offer the full range of services around KNIME, such as: Installation and configuration, Architecture design, Staff training and coaching, Creating new models and rebuilding existing models, Creation of process templates.
For more information please visit


IWS Consulting S.r.L. was founded in 2013 in Rome (Italy). IWS provides ICT services for Italian construction firms, all around the world. IWS proposes end to end ICT solutions, listening carefully to customer needs. The company proposes innovative technologies - using a non-disruptive approach on existing ones - for supplying tech and business knowledge, projects, team work, full communication, and sharing. They use agile methodologies and fast iterative working cycles, to achieve desired results, operating step by step. IWS designs and implements IT infrastructure and information services, supplying, taking charge, and managing IT services, operational startup of small, medium, or large business structures, deployed throughout worldwide areas. IWS Consulting deals with the collection, organization, and preservation of computer data, serving the following areas: Infrastructure & Operations; Business Process Management, Document Management, Master Data Management, Data Warehousing, and Big Data. The IWS approach is about, building a complete relationship to digitally modernize companies, fitting their needs with a shared partnership, and advising them on technologies and methodologies. This, they believe, is the key factor in maintaining a high customer satisfaction focused position in the current market.



Redfield fully focused on providing advanced analytics and business intelligence since 2003. We implement the KNIME analytics platform for our clients and provide training, planning, development, and guidance within this framework. Our technical expertise, advanced processes, and strong commitment enable our customers to achieve acute data-driven insights via superior business intelligence, machine and deep learning. We are based in Stockholm, Sweden.


aQurate Software focuses on all Data Management related activities, starting from Data Acquisition and Profiling up to Data Science. The company tools and knowledge cover all the data lifecycle including data transformation, data quality, data governance. aQurate provides training, support and professional services around these domains. The company’s staff manage and execute local and global projects for local/multinational companies and Governmental Agencies using proven methodologies.



Exem Logo

As the leading enterprise in IT system performance management field, EXEM continues to remain the No.1 market share in Korea based on years of technology research. With the big data platform solution Flamingo, we deliver convenience to users by providing integrated big data management solution and executed on major big data projects. Besides diverse solution for your IT system, EXEM has been producing and sharing contents to our clients for years that involve practical know-how of not only DB and APM but also artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data, DB, etc. For more information please visit our website.


CGI Logo

Founded in 1976, CGI is one of the largest IT and business process services providers in the world. Operating in hundreds of locations across the globe, CGI helps clients become customer-centric digital organizations. We deliver IT and business consulting, systems integration and outsourcing services, complemented by more than 150 IP-based solutions, to support clients in transforming into digital enterprises end to end. CGI works with clients around the world through a unique client proximity and best-fit global delivery model to accelerate their digital transformation, ensure on-time, within budget delivery, and drive competitive advantage in today’s increasingly digital world.



LIS-Solutions is a multidisciplinary consulting company founded in 2013 by professionals with extensive operational, tactical and strategic consultancy skills applied to the supply chain. We develop logistic optimization projects driven by the most advanced data analysis technologies. Our multidisciplinary team is formed by supply chain experts, business experts, data scientists, IT experts as well as engineers from different fields (electronics, mechanical, etc.). Our main goal is to guide and support organizations in their digital transformation by offering services related to sensorization, massive information storage, ETL-Models (Extract, Transform, Load), data intelligence as well as dashboards and visualization applications.


KNIME Trusted Partner Mydral

MYDRAL is a data company with a mission to use analytics as a transformation lever for the enterprise. Pioneers in Analytics, Data Prep, and AI in France for the past 10 years, we bring technology and methodology to operational departments within organizations in order to improve internal processes. We advise our clients and help them succeed in their Analytics, Big Data and AI projects. We build together analytical tools with high value to serve the business and strategy of our clients.All this aims to increase the ROI and knowledge transfer to our customers.



Business & Decision, a global consulting and systems integration group, is a leader in Business Intelligence (BI) and CRM, and a major player in e-Business. They leverage a unique combination of technical, functional, and industry specialization, as well as partnerships with all key software vendors, to deliver maximum-value projects and help clients break through barriers to innovation such as big data and digital transformation. Business & Decision operates in 11 countries and employs over 2,400 people in France and throughout the world.


AB Beam Lightstream Analytics KNIME Trusted Partner

ABeam LightStream Analytics is an Asian services company focused on advanced analytics & data management. We are part of the ABeam consulting group and provide global coverage for advisory, delivery, and support in analytics solutions. Our goal is to help clients find opportunities in their data. We help clients by building systems which consolidate their fragmented data, provide insightful advanced analytics, and intuitive visualizations. To drive deeper analysis, we enrich client data with cognitive services using machine learning, predictive algorithms, sentiment analysis, facial recognition.


KNIME Trusted Partner Risk Insights

Risk Insights is a boutique consulting firm based in Australia. Established in 2016, they focus on helping organisations make risk-aware, evidence-based decisions to support their customers and achieve their purpose.In 2019 the firm formed a partnership with KNIME, enabling the firm to accelerate their provision of services and delivery of solutions. For more information visit their website.


KNIME Trusted Partner Target Research

Target Research, established in 1994 in Milan, is a company specialized in the design and implementation of advanced analytics processes aimed at supporting corporate decisions, both in strategic assessments and in the operations. Target Research is a compact but flexible company that benefits from a network of collaborations with university professors, management consulting companies and certified research institutes. We offer cross-industry solutions, tailor made on the customer needs, that take advantage from 25 years of experience in data analysis and consulting.


INSIKT KNIME Trusted Partner

We are INSIKT Intelligence and our passion is building easy to use yet scientifically complex investigative tools to help Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) gain vital intelligence on online crime. We are experts in social media mining and advanced text analytics on all digital sources, with over a decade of experience in research and development. We have developed a number of solutions that help the LEAs detect and combat online crime, including Inviso Intelligence Platform - a threat intelligence platform that detects online radicalisation and propaganda on social media by analysing data gathered from social media monitoring. Other services include Custom Analysis & Data Collection solutions, the Law Enforcement Training courses, which we offer in collaboration with KNIME to help the police improve and acquire mastery of efficient, powerful techniques for extracting information from large datasets such as social networks, social graphs, large document repositories and other online sources.; Insikt Spotlight – advanced Social Network Analytics platform designed to help users from various industries, including government, law enforcement, hospitality, pharma and more to monitor and extract data from any online source.


KNIME Trusted Partner Continental Engineering Services

Continental Engineering Services (CES) is a global services and consulting firm with 1,700 employees. By integrating its KNIME center of excellence into CES, the automotive supplier Continental Corporation reacted to the growing interest across industries to learn about and to replicate their award-winning digital transformation journey based on establishing a data culture. The CES business center ‘Data Services’ offers consulting, training, project, and software services. It makes available Continental’s knowledge on establishing a data culture by educating and guiding business users in usage of the KNIME Analytics Platform. Enabling ‘better decisions everywhere’, they have gained project experience along the entire value chain of manufacturing, including common administrative processes such as controlling, logistics, and human relations. Focusing on a thorough understanding of the status quo and true business need, CES’ Data Services team has learned that successful data strategies combine business user empowerment via workflow automation and high-impact advanced analytics projects. Their data science project experience covers the entire manufacturing domain, e.g. forecast precision improvement, predictive quality, noise vibration harshness (NVH) root cause analysis, and traceability. Continental Engineering Services’ commitment towards KNIME also shows in their open-sourced community extension which brings Excel formatting capabilities to KNIME.



thaltegos is an owner-managed management and strategy consultancy based in Munich, Germany. Operation since 2011, thaltegos combines strategic analytical skills with data driven management consulting by developing strategies, concepts, and business intelligence solutions for well-known brands in the automotive/mobility, manufacturing, retail and digital media industries. This helps businesses to better understand their customers, communicate more individually with them, and provide the necessary products and services. The goal of our projects is establishing profitable customer relationships in order to generate a measurable value added for our clients in the fields of marketing, sales, after sales and service. Together with our strong interdisciplinary teams of data analysts and digital management consultants, thaltegos in 2019 was once again honored as one of the best consulting companies in the field of big data and analytics by the business magazine "brand eins".

KNIME Trusted Partner Altran

Altran ranks as the undisputed global leader in Engineering and R&D services (ER&D), following its acquisition of Aricent. The company offers clients an unmatched value proposition to address their transformation and innovation needs. Altran works alongside its clients, from initial concept through industrialization, to invent the products and services of tomorrow. For over 30 years, the company has provided expertise in aerospace, automotive, defense, energy, finance, life sciences, railway and telecommunications. The Aricent acquisition extends this leadership to semiconductors, digital experience and design innovation. Combined, Altran and Aricent generated revenues of €2.9 billion in 2018, with some 47,000 employees in more than 30 countries.


KNIME Trusted Partners Discngine

Discngine is a Paris-based software company specializing in applications for the research departments of life sciences companies; specifically for work related to active molecule discovery. It was established in 2004 by two of Pfizer's research alumni in order to develop software that increases the effectiveness of life science research. It currently has 38 employees. Clients include world leaders in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and agrochemical industries. The company's offering has historically been developed around custom software, followed by licenses for software components and most recently by licenses for business solutions. The company will now focus on offering catalog products through SaaS and cloud-based subscription models. Visit their website here.


Target Reply Rome is the Reply Group company focused on the design and the implementation of Data Related Services using the most up-to-date and cutting-edge Platforms and Solutions concerning Advanced Analytics, Visual Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. Supports large and medium – size clients in data driven technological infrastructures design and development. Provides e2e business solutions to enable data monetization and data governance strategies.


TAOD KNIME Trusted Partner

taod - we are dataful minds. With our passion for data analytics, we help innovative companies to deeply understand their business. We provide support through strategic consulting, data engineering, and data analytics as well as elaborated data science solutions. Through expertise and professional services we create intelligent structures for the flexible use of corporate data.Our agile project approach, scientific standards, and modern technologies enable our clients to better understand their data and to derive business developments through data driven decision making. As an interdisciplinary team of data engineers, data consultants and data scientists, we cherish the diversity of our backgrounds and skill sets as well as our customers do. We love what we do and empower our customers to analyze their data passionately.

mayato KNIME Trusted Partner

mayato specializes in business analytics. Based in locations across Germany and Austria, a team of experienced process and technology consultants works on solutions for business intelligence, big data, and analytics for a broad spectrum of application areas and industries. Based on these solutions, business analysts und data scientists of mayato determine for their clients relevant correlations in small and big data und predict future trends und events. As member of the Positive Thinking Company consulting group, mayato relies on a broad, international network and a diverse portfolio of consulting and technology services.



ABAX Informationstechnik GmbH has been one of the leading IT solution providers in Austria for the last 25 years. Since 1995 they have been covering all aspects of modern of infrastructure solutions, from cabling up to the Application layer. Combined with our 24/7 helpdesk, ABAX is providing leading technologies and services tailored to our customers’ needs. With their business intelligence portfolio, they focus on AI-based systems and combine them with leading analysis and data integration tools to form comprehensive BI solutions. ABAX supports large corporations as well as small and medium-sized companies in their daily challenges of digital transformation.