Retail and CPG Analytics

Uncover hidden opportunities in your data and increase revenue with insights into every step of the value chain from inventory and supply to customer preferences and pricing.

Retail and CPG Leaders Use KNIME to Drive Profitability



  • Forecast inventory and stock requirements to optimize SKUs and reduce costs

  • Respond to customer needs rapidly with sharp insights into changing consumer preferences

  • Increase profit margins by identifying optimal prices and attractive discounts for products

  • Improve supplier and freight logistics synchronization to ensure on-time, in-full delivery

"We can conquer the world with data analytics: KNIME for automating those Excel workflows, the no-code environment that makes clear what you’re doing with different nodes and Power BI for visualizing that data for us."

Fred Hersleman, Group Head of Data and Analytics, DuluxGroup

Why KNIME for Retail and CPG

From Raw Data to Insights, in a Single Platform

Combine, shape, and analyze all your data from sales, inventory, operations, customers, and hundreds of other data sources in a single platform.

Create, test, train and deploy machine learning models in the same platform—without the hassle of switching between tools. Avoid integration complexities and see the outcomes of your analyses faster.

From Raw Data to Insights In One Single Platform
Analytic Depth Accessible to All

Analytic Depth, Yet Accessible to All

Build sophisticated machine learning models to forecast demand, spot trends, and get insights to address all your retail operations and supply chain challenges.

Choose any tools, scripts, and techniques in a low-code, no-code environment. Deliver complex analyses as data apps to business teams across the organization. Make modifications, explore data, draw insights, and collaborate with colleagues from your browser.

Enterprise-Scale Data Analytics Platform

Enjoy data access and analytics agility while ensuring data privacy and security through centralized administration.

Deliver  relevant insights by automating tedious tasks from data blending to model hyperparameter optimization. Schedule workflows to trigger automatic restocking, promotions, shipments, and more. Get the flexibility to share and reuse your analyses and deploy them wherever you want, whether that’s on-premises or in the cloud.

Enterprise-Scale Data Analytics Platform
Innovation Powered by Open-Source

Innovation Powered by Open-Source

Stay ahead of the curve with the continuous innovation offered by a global, open-source community. No waiting around endlessly for advanced functionality and extensions from proprietary vendor platforms. Capitalize on the countless, readymade retail and CPG solutions in the KNIME Hub.

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