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Hear about the latest commercial offering, that gives teams a place to collaborate and productionize data solutions at scale.

Complementing the free and open source KNIME Analytics Platform, KNIME Business Hub provides a single environment for all data workers to securely collaborate on and deploy data science solutions across the organization.

Collaborate Across Teams and Disciplines

  • Share and collaborate on visual workflows, built using KNIME Analytics Platform, either privately or publicly with your wider organization
  • Save and share Python scripts, analytical models, or components – abstracted segments of workflows – across disciplines for reuse
  • Collaborate effortlessly between multiple users with version control, enabling debugging, tracking, and auditing
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Upskill Data Workers Across the Enterprise

  • Create a knowledge base for your team, department, or entire organization. Build and share reusable workflows as a starter kit for beginners
  • Deploy workflows as interactive data apps to abstract the complexity and easily onboard non-technical users 
  • Share training materials and best practices to enable organic self-onboarding for new users


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Deploy Reports, Data Apps, and Services

  • Schedule workflows to run automatically and deliver insights without manual intervention
  • Deploy your workflows as interactive data apps or REST APIs, bringing insights to anyone in the organization while enabling self-sufficiency
  • Monitor workflows and manage ongoing services and Hub activity at the team level

Scale with Cloud-Native Architecture

  • Scale to empower any number of users, running any number of workflows in a single environment
  • Minimize IT bottlenecks with centralized administration and data governance. Enable teams to manage access and execution
  • Automatically productionize data science with integrated deployment
  • Facilitate auditability with self documenting workflows and version controls
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Not ready for an enterprise solution?

KNIME Hub is also available online, as KNIME Community Hub. With KNIME Community Hub, users can browse and learn from thousands of working examples of data science solutions, benefiting from community contributions to upskill and dive deeper into the discipline of data science. Small groups or teams of users can also share and collaborate on solutions in their dedicated, private spaces.

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