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  Community Hub (Hosted by KNIME) Business Hub (Managed by Customer)
Feature and Description Individual Team Standard  Enterprise
  Upskill and learn from the 10,000+ shared solutions, components & extensions from the KNIME community Share and collaborate on data science solutions in small teams Scale insights by automating workflows or deploying as data apps & services Empower large teams for global collaboration & data community building
Browse and download components, workflows & extensions        
Save workflows in private space        
Share and collaborate on workflows & components Public spaces only      
Read-access for unlicensed users         
Collaborate in teams   1 team 3 teams Unlimited teams
Execute workflows on KNIME Hub        
Schedule a workflow or report to be executed at a certain time, or periodically        
Modify and execute workflows on KNIME Hub to take advantage of well provisioned hardware in a secure environment        
Scale out workflow execution        
Manage execution environments and assign execution power to teams or groups        
Define execution context to match custom execution requirements        
Deploy workflows as data apps and provide access to unlimited number of consumers.        
Deploy workflows as a REST API service and provide access to any number of other applications        
Deploy inference services on KNIME Edge        
User credential management        
Integrate authentication with corporate LDAP / Active Directory setups, and Single Sign-On (SSO) via OAuth / OIDC / SAML        
Monitor KNIME Hub activity (running and scheduled jobs), adjust permissions, manage ongoing services, either centrally or within teams        
Access detailed summaries of workflows for data lineage        
Multiple KNIME Hub installation support        
Install into customer's infrastructure        
Install into customer provisioned Kubernetes Clusters (e.g., EKS (AWS), AKS (Azure), OpenShift)        
KNIME Business Hub product support        
Included vCores     8 16
Included Users   3, up to 10 possible 5 20
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Academic and non-profit licenses are available for teaching and research purposes upon request

Users and vCores:

User: a user is an individual person with a unique ID and may only be an employee, contractor, advisor, or agent of the customer who is authorized by the customer to use KNIME Software. Users have access to the full functionality of KNIME Software and are active for as long as they own items on KNIME Hub such as workflows, data, folders, or scheduled jobs, etc. The license defines the permitted number of users.

vCore: a virtual core utilized by the KNIME Software to execute data analytics workflows. The Software creates one or more virtual executors with a user-defined number of virtual cores that it uses for the execution of workflows (“Executors”). The number of licensed vCores refers to the maximum number of virtual cores that in total can be allocated to Executors.


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