Getting Started Guide

for KNIME Analytics Platform

What is KNIME Analytics Platform?

KNIME Analytics Platform is an open source software with an intuitive, visual interface that lets you build analyses of any complexity level - from automating spreadsheets to ETL to machine learning.

KNIME Analytics Platform Version 5.1 features a modern interface, improved product onboarding, and a more intuitive way to build analytical workflows.The significantly improved UX further reduces the learning curve for new users, as well as accelerates the upskilling of experienced users looking to advance their data skills.

A more detailed explanation of the different views in the KNIME Workbench is provided in the KNIME Analytics Platform User Guide.

What you’ll find below is a guide for this specific modern UI version of KNIME Analytics Platform. If you’re looking to get started with the classic user interface, please follow this guide instead.

Getting Set Up with KNIME Analytics Platform Version 5.1