Marketing Analytics for Enterprises

Gain a single, complete view of the customer, achieve high-precision targeting, and lift campaign ROI– all while ensuring data security and privacy.

KNIME Powers Marketing Teams Across Industries



•  Combine marketing, sales & customer data for a single, complete view of the customer

•  Model customer behavior, improve targeting, and personalize customer journey

•  Measure campaign performance and improve marketing effectiveness

“The ability to automate the complex process of harmonizing data from different channels enables us to deliver refined campaigns to our customers, fast."

Tanja Meßmer, Director Digital Analytics & BI, netzeffekt

Why KNIME for Marketing Analytics

Sophisticated Analytics, Intuitive Interface

Easy-to-use, visual programming interface allows marketers to build analytic models and automate tedious spreadsheet work, without any coding, independent of IT delays or resource constraints. Access to advanced analytic techniques within the platform enables data science experts to build more sophisticated models in a low-code/no-code environment, while allowing marketers to upskill their analytic competence.

Sophisticated Analytics, Intuitive Interface
A Single Environment for the Entire Data Science Lifecycle

A Single Environment for the Entire Data Science Lifecycle

With end-to-end coverage, from data access and prep, to visual data exploration and modeling, to enterprise-wide deployment, monitoring and management, marketing teams can use a single platform to support the entire project from start to finish. No need to piecemeal a solution with multiple technologies, or deal with costly integrations.

Extensible & Flexible

KNIME provides marketers with full data connectivity: access to 300+ data sources and connect to any tools in the martech stack. Data experts can build sophisticated analytic models choosing some or no code, or script custom algorithms with built-in integrations with R, Python, Java, and more.

Extensible & Flexible


KNIME’s open source approach keeps marketers at the bleeding edge of modern data science. No vendor-developed tool can keep pace with the innovation driven by the open-source community or match access to thousands of pre-built solutions on the KNIME Hub.

Scale as You Grow

Designed for enterprises, KNIME provides data access and agility to marketers while ensuring data privacy and security through centralized administration. Marketers can collaborate and share and reuse all kinds of analysis across teams.

Scale as You Grow

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