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Augment your class with a unique blend of guest lectures, self-paced learning, and hands-on project work: Applications for KNIME Student Challenges are open until February 29, 2024.

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Why Educators Choose KNIME

KNIME Analytics Platform is the visual tool for data science used in many educational institutions because:

  • KNIME’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface reduces the learning curve for analytics

  • Completely free, no strings attached or limitations

  • Open platform, providing extensive coverage of data operations and machine learning algorithms

  • Active user community, with extensive library of learning resources

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"From an educational perspective, KNIME offers a great opportunity to really practice theoretical concepts."

Keith McCormick, Educator and lecturer at UC Irvine

"KNIME makes learning not only more accessible, but more fun!"

Andrea De Mauro, Educator and author

"The workflow structure is ideal in helping me communicate the work to non-programmers."

Malik Yousef, Head of the Galilee Digital Health Research Center, Israel

Explore past presentations and webinars on how educators are using KNIME Software to augment their courses.

Education kit

Education Kit

  • Educational materials from all KNIME courses and workshops (slides, examples, and exercises)

  • Free book downloads from KNIME Press

  • Free certification exams for all levels

  • Guest lectures on specific topics

  • Free team plan for Community Hub

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Gamification Kit

  • Weekly Just KNIME It! challenges to help students practice and improve their skills

  • Joint learnathons and hackathons, both onsite or online

  • Jointly organized internal student challenges including awards and social media visibility

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gamification kit
Collaboration kit

Collaboration Kit

  • For selected educators only

  • Joint work on dedicated space to collect solutions on KNIME Community Hub

  • Support for article publication in technical and research blogs and journals

  • Publication of your article(s) in a KNIME Press book

  • Development of a new node/extension

  • Co-hosting of a Data Connect event

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Explore three new kits for educators: Geared to different teaching styles, including various resources for members of the Educators Alliance.


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KNIME Student Challenges

Encourage your learners to actively develop their skills by working on data projects with our help (e.g. judging committee, awards, and visibility)


KNIME Press Textbooks

Members of the Educators Alliance get free access to the textbook series of KNIME Press that covers KNIME Software as well as select data science topics.

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KNIME Certified Trainers

Get officially recognized and certified as a trusted instructor to teach courses around KNIME Software (incl. a digital badge and certificate)

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