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Teaching with KNIME

Integrating KNIME Analytics Platform into a course will allow you to focus on concepts and methods instead of the syntactic nature of programming languages. With a wide range of data access and processing functions, modeling tools, and techniques in a single platform, you can stick to one tool. Your students will be able to apply methods using a software that they can continue using throughout various stages of their professional lives. Within KNIME Educators Alliance we are sharing material as well as ideas on how to integrate KNIME in your classes.

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Materials to help you introduce KNIME Analytics Platform in class.

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Accessible Research with KNIME


KNIME Analytics Platform is a modern, open data science platform that allows you to implement sophisticated analyses leveraging an extremely wide range of functions, modeling tools, and techniques (many based on leading open-source projects).

If some functionality is missing, you can develop custom nodes that can be easily adopted by your collaborators (and the scientific community) using the visual workflow editor.

Develop Guided Analytics applications, which can be hosted for interactive execution on KNIME Server. Users will be directed through an analysis without requiring additional KNIME knowledge and compute resources.

KNIME Analytics Platform

Guide to Intelligent Data Science

The latest edition of "Guide to Intelligent Data Science: How to Intelligently Make Use of Real Data" was recently released and now comes with a complete set of teaching materials:

  • Slides (PDF and PPTX)

  • Code Snippets (R& Python)

  • Example KNIME workflows

These materials can be used by educators in their data science courses.

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Teaching Materials

Access to teaching materials for data science courses for registered educators.

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