Energy and Utility Analytics for Enterprises

Forecast energy consumption, predict asset failures, and monitor demand trends to optimize energy distribution.

KNIME Enables Energy & Utilities Teams to Drive Efficiencies and Maximize Output



  • Combine weather data with other sources to forecast energy consumption

  • Predict asset failures and perform preventative maintenance to minimize downtime

  • Monitor demand trends to optimize energy distribution and reduce energy fraud for positive environmental impact

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"KNIME is easy to learn and adopt and is an integral part of our corporate Citizen Data Scientist training program. We’ve had engineers go from complete beginners to analytics practitioners in their organizations and implemented KNIME to become part of their daily routines within a few months. KNIME helps us to improve work efficiency, accuracy, and time to insights."

Allan Luk, Director of Data Science and Analytics Business Solutions, Seagate Technology

Empowering Agile Energy and Utilities Teams with KNIME

Sophisticated Analytics, Intuitive Interface for all Teams

The sheer volume of weather data as well as data from energy devices requires company-wide data fluency, so that experts can focus on advanced challenges, and domain users can efficiently handle more clear-cut cases and procedures.

KNIME’s no-code, low-code environment makes collaboration straightforward and instantaneous. Its visual programming interface is designed for all skill levels, enabling beginners to navigate the platform with minimal upskilling, and data scientists to build advanced models.

Sophisticated Analytics, Intuitive Interface for all Teams
A Single Environment for the Entire Data Science Lifecycle

A Single Environment for the Entire Data Science Lifecycle

Energy and Utilities companies derive insights from multiple data sources and devices for all aspects of service-delivery.

KNIME’s end-to-end data science environment not only works with multiple data types for advanced ETL functions, it provides comprehensive project coverage, enabling predictive analytics and deployment to devices in a single place. From data-prep to enterprise-wide deployment, Energy and Utilities teams can use a single platform to support a project from start to finish, all the while enjoying frictionless information exchange.

Extensible & Flexible

One of the most exacting challenges Energy and Utilities teams face is making sure that any new tool is compatible with their suite of established and specialist systems.

KNIME provides teams with the most connected data environment possible, with seamless integrations with manifold tools and platforms. Not only does this mean teams can save time by retaining their current stack and set-up, they get access to over 300+ data sources, and data scientists leverage built-in integrations with R and Python.

Extensible & Flexible


Working with vast amounts of data in real-time, Energy and Utilities companies need to be confident their tools and systems are effective, reliable and up-to-date so that energy consumers receive the best product possible.

With the data science ecosystem constantly evolving, KNIME’s open-source approach keeps teams on the bleeding edge of modern data science, with groundbreaking features and tools regularly developed and added by our active open-source community. The KNIME Hub further accelerates innovation, providing Energy and Utilities teams with access to thousands of pre-built workflows, nodes, and components.

Scale as You Grow

Energy and Utilities companies face uncertainty and constant change—not just from environmental factors, but also from human and political ones - and they need a data science environment which can match their team’s growth and needs and shifting global circumstances.

KNIME offers no limitations on the kinds of analyses teams can perform, supporting everything from basic data exploration to deploying sophisticated ML models as data apps and services.

Scale as You Grow

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