Success Stories and Innovation Notes highlighting how KNIME Software is being used by individuals and organizations.

How KNIME is Used in Different Industries


Overcome manual data aggregation and eliminate error by using KNIME in FP&A, Controlling, Treasury, Tax, Audit, and Compliance

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Life Sciences

Find out more about accessing, transforming, and interacting with large amounts of life science data.

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Financial Services
Process Mining

Data Analytics and Process Mining within Internal Audit

Using KNIME Analytics Platform and KNIME Server for advanced data analytics, process mining, and guided analytics to empower all auditors.
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Data Analysis
Drug Discovery

Automation of Physico-Chemical Properties Calculation and Registration using KNIME

The goal of this project was to provide essential information to all medicinal chemists in a timely manner. All scientists, about one hundred people ...
Anomaly Detection
Financial Services

Anomaly Detection: Detecting Unknown Patterns in Anti-Money Laundering

How Rabobank is building up a data-driven culture using KNIME, and how auditors became empowered to conduct anomaly detection independently.
Machine Learning
Risk Analysis

An Automated, Online Loan Application Decision Making Tool made with KNIME

An application to build and validate machine learning models to create an automated online loan application tool. The tool needed to be easy to work ...
Recommendation Engine

Recommendation Engine for E-Commerce Marketing Campaigns

Automatically generate personalized marketing email campaigns using KNIME and Apache Spark.
Government Administration
Guided Analytics

Digitalization of Government Administration Processes

Developing an efficient government administration by automating processes and reporting for key decision makers.
Finance & Client Services
Natural Language Processing
Real Estate

Quantifying Retrofit ROI using Natural Language Processing in KNIME

This case focuses on a lighting retrofit conducted in hundreds of a client’s retail sites. Post-retrofit, the client wanted to assess whether the v...
Data Literacy

Sparking Data Literacy with KNIME and Making Better Decisions

Continental is committed to increasing the data literacy of the entire organization by empowering users in business functions (with no IT or programm...
Applying Tensor Completion to the Study of Inter-State Competition and Irregular Conflict
Government Administration
Tensor Completion
US Army G2

Applying Tensor Completion to the Study of Inter-State Competition and Irregular Conflict

Government agencies, in this case the US government specifically, need ways to interpret things out of open-source information that are not being dir...
Z5 Inventory

Leveraging Predictive Analytics Prevents $1.3 Million Worth of Medical Supply Waste

In the US alone, $5 billion worth of medical supplies are thrown away each year. This epidemic of waste in health care facilities raises the cost of ...
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Data Literacy
Data Storage & Solutions
Product Development

How Seagate is using KNIME to Tackle the Digital Transformation

Every day at one of Seagate's many global sites, people are interacting with or requiring results out of data. Moving up the analytics maturity curve...
Data Analysis

An Excel Alternative for Data-Driven Internal Auditing

Moving from Excel to KNIME to automate financial and internal auditing and enable non-experts to work with data independently.
Automation & Digitalization
Data Literacy

Driving a Citizen Data Scientist Approach

Since January 2018, the Data Visions Team at Siemens has been developing analytical products to support the Digital Industries (DI) strategy and driv...
KNIME Improving Inventory Management and Accelerating Time to Insight
Data Blending

Improving Inventory Management and Accelerating Time to Insight

Using KNIME to develop an end-to-end automated data wrangling and reporting engine together with Snowflake and PowerBI.
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Predicitve Analytics
Resource Planning

Optimized Predictive Planning with KNIME

From defining the business problem through to modeling and implementation.