Learn how organizations are using KNIME to make sense of data.

How Teams Use KNIME Across Departments and Verticals

Finance Departments

Automate financial analytics in order to remove manual data aggregation and human error.

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Life Sciences Industry

Access, transform, and interact with large amounts of life science data with purpose-built tools.

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Financial Services Industry

Transform how business and data teams work to deliver industry-leading financial services.

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Manufacturing Industry

Counter the increasing complexity of this industry with collaborative and scalable solutions.

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Marketing Analytics

Gain a single, complete view of the customer, achieve high-precision targeting, and lift campaign ROI.

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Healthcare Analytics

Intervene earlier, personalize treatments, and improve the quality of care with faster insights into patient health.

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Retail and CPG

Know what your customer wants, run a tight supply chain, and identify the most effective promotion strategies.

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Public Sector

Make a difference in the lives of your citizens with faster, better, and more cost-effective decisions.

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Energy and Utility Analytics

Understand consumption patterns, improve production and distribution efficiency, and mitigate emissions. 

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HR Analytics

Recruit, upskill, and retain the right talent, design attractive compensation packages, and improve employee engagement.

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Telco Analytics

Improve network performance and service quality, deliver quality customer experience, and enter new markets and opportunities, all while embracing latest LTE and 5G technologies.

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Seagate Logo
Data Literacy
Data Storage & Solutions
Product Development

How Seagate is using KNIME to Tackle the Digital Transformation

Every day at one of Seagate's many global sites, people are interacting with or requiring results out of data. Moving up the analytics maturity curve...
Finance & Client Services
Natural Language Processing
Real Estate

Quantifying Retrofit ROI using Natural Language Processing in KNIME

This case focuses on a lighting retrofit conducted in hundreds of a client’s retail sites. Post-retrofit, the client wanted to assess whether the val...
Expense Reimbursement
Guided Analytics

Automating Expense Reimbursements

Reduce time spent collecting, analyzing, and managing employee expenses.
Ontology Innovation Note KNIME

Medical Record Mapping

Giving practitioners access to the information they need.
Anomaly Detection
Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing

Anomaly Detection

Predict when critical equipment parts will go bad to prevent failures and downtime.
Disease Tagging
Text Processing

Disease Tagging in Biomedical Literature

Reduce time spent sifting through medical literature with automatic disease tagging.
Semantics and Ontologies with KNIME Analytics Platform
Computer Science

Semantics and Ontologies with KNIME Analytics Platform

Extracting and sharing knowledge in a reusable way.
ClearPeaks logo
Guided Analytics
Human Resources
Predicitve Analytics

Predicting Employee Attrition with Machine Learning

Making better HR decisions and reducing costs.
Marketing Analytics
Predicitve Analytics

How JYSK increased productivity and business value with predictive analytics

How predictive analytics optimize product sales by geography for international retailer.
Allente logo
Marketing Analytics
Recommendation Engine
Streaming Analytics

How Allente Built a Recommendation Engine to Deliver Personalized Streaming Content

How Allente used KNIME to improve viewer experience and reduce churn with predictive analytics.
Z5 Inventory

Leveraging Predictive Analytics Prevents $1.3 Million Worth of Medical Supply Waste

In the US alone, $5 billion worth of medical supplies are thrown away each year. This epidemic of waste in health care facilities raises the cost of ...
Alexion Logo

How Alexion Shortened Time to Rare Disease Diagnosis with a Master Dataset

Connecting the right data and navigating the life sciences data maze to give doctors doctors and patients access to quick, life-saving information.
Campaign performance analytics
Marketing Analytics

How automated cross-channel data harmonization provides bespoke project delivery

Automated cross-channel data harmonization enables bespoke performance marketing campaigns.
sparkasse logo
Marketing Analytics
Product Recommendation

How Sparkasse Improved the Success of Product Campaigns up to 200% with KNIME

An initiative to optimize everything customer-related raised success rates of product recommendation campaigns.
Sustainability Management

How Würth is Using the Sustainability Data Science Life Cycle to Detect Environmental Hotspots

How Würth and Fraunhofer IBP used KNIME to build a reusable, scalable data science solution for sustainability professionals to detect environmental ...

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