Success Stories and Innovation Notes highlighting how KNIME Software is being used by individuals and organizations.

Recent examples of KNIME being used in different industries


Overcome manual data aggregation and eliminate error by using KNIME in FP&A, Controlling, Treasury, Tax, Audit, and Compliance

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Life Sciences

Find out more about accessing, transforming, and interacting with large amounts of life science data.

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Guided Analytics
Inventory Management

Building a Guided Analytics Forecasting Platform

Maintain inventory and ensure that stock is consumed efficiently.
Finance Reporting and Dashboarding Suite using KNIME
Real Estate

How Finance Built their own Reporting and Dashboarding Suite using KNIME

Enabling users to seamlessly integrate existing tools in the IT stack, including PowerBI, Snowflake, and the ERP SQL databases. The result: a suite o...
Automation & Digitalization
Data Literacy

Driving a Citizen Data Scientist Approach

Since January 2018, the Data Visions Team at Siemens has been developing analytical products to support the Digital Industries (DI) strategy and driv...
Data Literacy

Sparking Data Literacy with KNIME and Making Better Decisions

Continental is committed to increasing the data literacy of the entire organization by empowering users in business functions (with no IT or programm...
Financial Services
Machine Learning
Risk Analysis

Creating an Automated, Online Loan Application Decision Making Tool with KNIME

An application to build and validate machine learning models to create an automated online loan application tool. The tool needed to be easy to work ...
Seagate Logo
Data Literacy
Data Storage & Solutions
Product Development

How Seagate is using KNIME to Tackle the Digital Transformation

Every day at one of Seagate's many global sites, people are interacting with or requiring results out of data. Moving up the analytics maturity curve...
Fraud Detection
Machine Learning

Our Journey to ML with a Purpose

Building an anti-fraud profiler to deal with transactional fraud mitigation in the digital interactions between financial institutions and their cust...
Finance Process Centralization with KNIME
Finance Automation
Real Estate

Finance Process Centralization with KNIME

A solution enabling individual processes to be completed routinely through the month, rather than all being conducted concurrently at month-end. The ...
KNIME Analytics Platform KNIME Workflow on Laptop
Data Analysis

Automated Workflow Testing and Validation

The KNIME Testing Framework, openly available with KNIME Analytics Platform, makes it possible to automatically ensure that workflows are doing what ...
Alexion Logo

Building a Clinically Significant Rare Disease Data Master

Giving doctors and patients access to quick, life-saving information.
KNIME Improving Inventory Management and Accelerating Time to Insight
Data Blending

Improving Inventory Management and Accelerating Time to Insight

Developing an end-to-end, automated data wrangling and reporting engine to expand capabilities in deep analysis through the process of data extractio...
Anomaly Detection
Anomaly Detection
Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing

Anomaly Detection

Predict when critical equipment parts will go bad to prevent failures and downtime.
Data Privacy
Guided Analytics

Customer Data Scoring & Data Privacy Using KNIME WebPortal

Anonymizing and automating credit card data and enabling financial services companies to perform their own self-service analytics while ensuring priv...
Automated Invoice Checking KNIME
Financial Services

Automatic Invoice Checking

Reducing manual labor and human error in the invoice checking process.
Expense Reimbursement
Financial Services
Guided Analytics

Automating Expense Reimbursements

Reduce time spent collecting, analyzing, and managing employee expenses.