KNIME for End Users

Get instant insights with tailor built, interactive data apps without the need to know how to code or build analytical models.

  • Gain in-time insights through data apps, services and reports, without building any models

  • Leverage data apps to inject your domain expertise into advanced analytical models, to improve output accuracy

  • Use for data input, dashboards, data exploration, ad-hoc analyses, IT monitoring, and more

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Why KNIME for End Users

Make data-driven decisions with analytical models at your fingertips

Use workflows deployed by data experts as interactive data apps, REST APIs, or reports to make more informed decisions - without touching the underlying workflow. Become self-sufficient by interacting with analyses of any level of complexity through an intuitive data app UI. Easily access data apps through your browser via a secure connection or a shareable, embeddable link.

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Apply your domain expertise for more accurate outcomes

Understand patterns in data with job-relevant data apps and provide feedback to help the data team understand what the model can do better. Lower the barrier between your and data science teams and increase accuracy of analytics output.

Meet your data needs for a wide range of use cases

Use a single platform to fulfill all your data needs such as data input, dashboards, dynamic data exploration, IT monitoring, and model training. Choose to get your insights from simple dashboards or complex, interactive visualizations. Explore data and perform ad hoc analysis using interaction points within data apps. Use for simple data entry, monitoring, or human-in-the loop machine learning.

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community driven innovation

Community-Driven Innovation

Stay on the bleeding edge of data science with KNIME’s open source approach that provides integrations to all popular machine learning libraries and 300+ connectors to data sources. Avoid vendor lock-in with the extensibility of KNIME and get the ability to adapt to changing business needs through an open platform.

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