Supply Chain Analytics for Enterprises

Predict demand closer to real time, optimize inventory, automate capacity allocation for fleets and vehicles, as well as get a single view across the supply chain.

KNIME helps suppliers navigate volatility by improving data-driven decisioning



  • Forecast demand to navigate unpredictable market conditions

  • Optimize inventory through efficient stock and supply analysis

  • Plan transportation capacity and distribution network to ensure on-time and in-full delivery

  • Predict and plan preventive maintenance for machine and fleet management

  • Improve communication with supply chain partners through better data sharing

“Even though we’re not conventional IT specialists, KNIME enabled us to spread data science insights [across the organization], and achieve a lot more”

Pranab Rohatgi, Synergy Marine Group

Why KNIME for Supply Chain

Sophisticated Analytics, Intuitive Interface

As global supply chains become more volatile and consumer demand unpredictable, it is essential for companies to be efficient. KNIME's low-code, no code interface enables supply chain experts across warehousing, fleet operations, logistics and more improve productivity by gaining insights self-sufficiently, while allowing data experts to perform complex analyses such as demand forecasting, predictive maintenance, and capacity planning.

intuitive interface
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A Single Environment for the Entire Data Science Lifecycle

KNIME offers end-to-end support for the entire data science life cycle, allowing data experts to access, prepare, explore and analyze data, and productionize their models across their enterprise. From fleet monitoring, to demand forecasting, to environmental sustainability It optimizes the supply chain with faster insights. Projects can be created, deployed, monitored and managed without coding, and with optional use of Python, R and other scripting languages for customization.


KNIME's open source approach enables supply chain teams to stay at the forefront of data science innovation. Its active community of data science experts regularly introduces new technologies, methods, and strategies for the platform providing an inexhaustible source of innovative ideas for companies to utilize, helping them enhance their supply chain planning and operations, even in a constantly changing global landscape

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Enterprise-Scale Data Analytics Platform

Enterprise-Scale Data Analytics Platform

KNIME is built to scale as your data sources and systems grow. It offers connectivity to over 300 data sources and can easily integrate with existing platforms, regardless of the data type. Additionally, offering centralized administration, the platform ensures privacy and security, with auditability trails digitized and built into workflows. Finally, allowing supply chain teams to streamline data capture through automation, KNIME saves organizations time and effort: schedule tasks, automate processes, share and reuse models, and deploy them wherever you want – on-prem or in the cloud.

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