Manufacturing Analytics for Enterprises

Reduce supply chain disruptions, improve production quality and safety, and boost profitability with better insights into the manufacturing process.

KNIME Powers Solutions for Manufacturers Across the Globe



  • Forecast demand and optimize inventory with clear insights into changing customer behavior

  • Improve process and product quality by automating monitoring, tracking, and reporting

  • Supercharge product R&D with a feedback loop driven by customer and operational insights

  • Reduce costs related to equipment failures with predictive maintenance

How Seagate is using KNIME to tackle digital transformation and improve efficiency
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How Continental is sparking data literacy and making better decisions with KNIME
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How Siemens saved 30 hours per quarter by automating day-to-day processes
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"Since rolling out KNIME at Continental, we’re making better decisions, everywhere. We’re also able to back these decisions on stronger data, faster. We’re gaining more insights from data, and freeing human capacity from mundane data processing and reporting tasks."

Dr. Arne Beckhaus - Head of Big Data and Digital Transformation C&S at Continental

Why KNIME for Manufacturing

Data Preparation to ML Modeling in One Intuitive Platform

Apply all the latest and greatest techniques from data-prep to visual data exploration and modeling to enterprise-wide deployment using a single platform, with or without code. Get faster insights with one common, intuitive platform for data scientists, production managers, Six Sigma engineers, and other domain experts to work together.

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Power DMAIC with Sophisticated Analytics

Combine the Six Sigma approach with advanced analytics techniques and eliminate tedious spreadsheet work for more accurate process improvement recommendations. Automate data collection and analysis without any restrictions on size or format, make correlations, enhance error recognition, and gain insights to set up process improvement solutions.

Enterprise-Scale Data Analytics Platform

Give your teams all the data access they need while ensuring enterprise needs of data privacy and security are met. Deliver sophisticated ML models as data apps to business users to ensure data-driven decision-making across the entire organization. Share and reuse your analyses and deploy them wherever you want, whether that’s on-premises or in the cloud.

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Future-Proof with Open

Make the most of KNIME’s open-source approach to fuel future growth. Stay ahead with the constant advancements and innovation powered by a global, open-source community. Get thousands of ready solutions and blueprints for predictive maintenance, anomaly detection, inventory forecasting and more in the KNIME Hub.

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