Manufacturing Analytics for Enterprises

An intuitive platform for any data worker. Automate repeat work, upskill domain experts and push data science to the bleeding edge.

KNIME Powers Solutions for 1000s of Teams
in R&D, Production and Supply Chain

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“Manufacturing is always going to consist of hundreds of processes and will continue to be data heavy. COOs and CIOs should consider a data analytics tool to not only ease the burden of IT teams, but enable business analysts to do more with data."

Arne Beckhaus, Head of Data Services, Continental

Give Data & Manufacturing Experts a Common Language

KNIME provides an intuitive, visual language for all data workers–whether they’re managers on the factory floor, seasoned data scientists, or Six Sigma engineers.

Domain experts can start working with big data and push beyond spreadsheets, while data experts get back time to focus on advanced analytics.

An Intuitive, Visual Tool Enables the Upskilling of any Data Worker

KNIME Supports Every Step in the Path Towards Industry 5.0

A single platform that helps the manufacturer to finally mature out of “pilot purgatory” and make data analysis commonplace, by supporting basic and advanced use cases.

How KNIME Analytics Platform helps the manufacturing industry

Analysts: Combine Data, Any Size from Any Source

⇒ Learn more about the blending possibilities in our “Will It Blend?” series

⇒ See an example in this blog post where we accessed and analyzed IoT data

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Data Experts: Build, Explain and Ship AI and ML Models

Apply all the latest and greatest techniques through KNIME’s open platform, with or without code. Get buy-in from production managers, technicians, or any domain expert using the intuitive, visual interface.

⇒ Learn more in our series on anomaly detection for predictive maintenance

⇒ See an example for demand prediction using Multivariate Time Series Analysis

Six Sigma Blackbelts: Power DMAIC with Big Data

Combine the Six Sigma approach with data science best practices for more sustainable and accurate process improvement recommendations..

⇒ See an example of how KNIME workflows helped solve DMAIC pain points

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IT: Ship Secure, Enterprise-Wide Data Solutions

KNIME Platform supports end to end projects, including the shipping and monitoring of models in production.

⇒ Learn about how KNIME closes the gap between creation and production

⇒ Read more about how KNIME supports execution at the edge, across geographic locations

“By enhancing DMAIC projects with KNIME we were able to use significantly more data in our analysis and gain information that enabled the data teams to set up improvement solutions that save the company money with minimal investment.”

Andries Reiss, Production Manager, ZF Group

Build Data Teams Without Limits

No matter where your team is in their journey, invest in a tool that will be useful in every stage of analytics maturity. Reach out to our customer care team to learn more about how KNIME can be used at your organization.


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