Data science books and cheat sheets for becoming successful & efficient in using KNIME. Includes beginner and advanced topics, plus how to transition from Alteryx, Excel, and SAS

Best of KNIME: The COTM Collection - Season 3

Edited by Elisabeth Richter

In the second volume of the Best of KNIME we collected the top stories of our KNIME COTMs from August 2020 to July 2023. This booklet contains 12 stories that teach you more about data science and KNIME. The contributors have been selected and awarded every month for their excellent technical skills and for their contribution to the upskilling of the community in data science and KNIME.

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Best of KNIME Season 3

Need a hand? KNIME cheat sheets offer tips and tricks to help streamline your data science projects.

Use Case Collections

Explore our favorite blog articles in these curated collections.

Meet Your Customers
Meet your Customers book cover

Marketing Analytics use cases to go from raw customer data to actionable insights.

Best of KNIME
Best of KNIME Book Cover

Articles from our Contributors of the Month

Will They Blend?
Will They Blend Cover Image

Data blending for 50+ data sources and external tools.

KNIME for Life Sciences
Life Sciences book cover

Use cases for chem- and bio-informatics.

Transition Booklets

Quick way to learn KNIME Analytics Platform for users who already have experience with a similar platform or tool.

From SPSS Mod. to KNIME
SPSS Modeler to KNIME Booker Cover

A guide to KNIME for SPSS Modeler users.


This guide maps the most commonly used SAS functions and techniques to their KNIME equivalents.

From Alteryx to KNIME

A guide to KNIME for Alteryx users.

From Excel to KNIME
From excel to knime cover

This guide maps the most commonly used Excel functions and techniques to their KNIME equivalents.

*Available in English, German, Spanish, and Portuguese.


Books to guide you while learning KNIME Analytics Platform in a structured way, with exercises and practical use cases for every chapter.

KNIME Beginner's Luck
KNIME Beginner's Luck book cover

An ideal starting point for those who want to begin working with KNIME. €19.95

*Available in English and Spanish

KNIME Advanced Luck
KNIME Advanced Luck Book

Learn advanced features, like looping, flow variables, working databases, accessing REST, and more. €19.95

From Words to Wisdom

Techniques to access, process, and analyze text documents using the KNIME Text Processing extension. €19.95

Technical Collections

Collections and books showcasing a variety of technical topics. 

Just KNIME It!
JKI book cover

A collection of challenges from “Just KNIME It” - Season 1, sorted by difficulty & theme.

Guided Labeling
Guided Labeling with KNIME Book Cover

Active Learning & Weak Supervision strategies to improve data labeling.


Scoring Metrics
Scoring Metrics Book Cover

An overview of scoring metrics to evaluate models.

Practicing Data Science
Practicing Data Science book cover

A collection of data science case studies. €19.95

eXplainable AI
XAI Front Cover

A hands-on guide to understand and apply XAI techniques.

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21 Analytics Insights for Data Science
21 analytics insights

Together with ChatGPT, this booklet answers 21 questions around data analytics.

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