Data science books for becoming successful & efficient in using KNIME. Includes beginner and advanced topics, plus how to transition from Alteryx, Excel, and SAS.

From Excel to KNIME (German)
Sind Sie auf der Suche nach einer Alternative für Excel? Dieses Begleitbuch ist der perfekte Ausgangspunkt, weil es die meistgenutzten Excel-Funktionen und -Techniken im Vergleich zu ihren Äquivalenten in KNIME Analytics Platform darstellt. Finden Sie heraus, wie das Einlesen, Sortieren, Filtern und Pivotieren von Daten in KNIME Analytics Platform funktioniert oder wie Sie Funktionen wie den SVERWEIS bilden können.
Written by Kathrin Melcher
From Modeling to Model Evaluation
This book provides an overview of scoring metrics to evaluate a classification and regression model. It covers confusion matrices and class statistics, numeric scoring metrics and visual scoring techniques, imbalanced target classes, resampling, and Cohen’s kappa. The authors also examine how coefficients of a logistic regression model can be interpreted as percentage effects. The book demonstrates the different techniques based on various practical scenarios, such as credit scoring and credit card fraud detection.
Written by Maarit Widmann &  Alfredo Roccato
KNIME Beginner's Luck
KNIME Beginner's Luck
A detailed overview of the main tools in KNIME Analytics Platform, providing an ideal starting point for those who want to begin working with KNIME. The goal is to give new KNIME users the necessary knowledge to start analyzing, manipulating, and reporting complex data. No previous knowledge of KNIME is required.
Written by Satoru Hayasaka &  Rosaria Silipo
KNIME Advanced Luck
This book is the sequel to the introductory book KNIME Beginner's Luck. Building upon the reader's first experience with KNIME, this book presents some more advanced features, like looping, selecting workflow paths, flow variables, reading and writing data from and to a database, accessing REST services and Google Sheets, and more. The goal of this book is to elevate your data analysis from a basic exploratory level to a more professionally organized and complex structure.
Written by Rosaria Silipo &  Jeany Prinz
From Words to Wisdom - Intro to Text Mining with KNIME
This book extends the catalogue of KNIME Press books with a description of techniques to access, process, and analyze text documents using the KNIME Text Processing extension. The book covers text data access, text pre-processing, stemming and lemmatization, enrichment via tagging, bag of words and keyword extraction, term frequencies, word vectors to represent text documents, and finally topic detection and sentiment analysis. Some basic knowledge of KNIME Analytics Platform is required.
Written by Vincenzo Tursi &  Rosaria Silipo
Practicing Data Science
There are many declinations of data science case studies: with or without labeled data; stopping at data wrangling or involving machine learning algorithms; predicting classes or predicting numbers; with unevenly distributed classes, with binary classes, or even with no examples of one of the classes; with structured data and with unstructured data; using past samples or just remaining in the present; with real time or close to real time execution requirements and with acceptably slower performances; showing the results in shiny reports or hiding the nitty and gritty behind a neutral IT architecture; and - last but not least - with large budgets or no budget at all.
Written by Rosaria Silipo
Will They Blend? Third Edition
Data blending is a very big part of the sexiest job of the 21st century, including data source blending, data type blending, database blending, time blending , and tool blending. In order to help with all specific data blending requests, in November 2016 we started a blog post series with the title “Will they Blend?”. Each post faces a data blending challenge and offers a solution.
Written by Rosaria Silipo &  Lada Rudnitckaia
Looking for a SAS alternative? This easy to follow guide can help your transition from SAS Base to KNIME by taking you through the steps you'd take in SAS, and how you'd do the same thing in KNIME Analytics Platform. This includes reading data, grouping and sorting, PROC SQL, statistics, join and concatenate, string operations, mathematical formulas, reporting, and more. No previous knowledge of KNIME is required.
Written by Rosaria Silipo &  Satoru Hayasaka
From Excel to KNIME
Looking for an Excel alternative? This easy to follow guide can help you transition from Excel to KNIME. It maps the most commonly used Excel functions and techniques to their KNIME equivalents, taking you through the steps you’d take in Excel and showing you how they can be done in KNIME Analytics Platform. Find out, for example, how data reading, filtering, sorting, pivoting, math formulas, and commonly used functions such as vlookup are handled in KNIME. No previous knowledge of KNIME is required.
Written by Kathrin Melcher
From Alteryx to KNIME
This guide will help you transition from Alteryx to KNIME. It maps the most commonly used Alteryx functions and techniques to their KNIME equivalents: from importing data, to manipulating data, to documenting your workflow, through to modeling and machine learning. No previous knowledge of KNIME is required.
Written by Corey Weisinger
From Excel to KNIME (Spanish)
Traduciendo las funcionalidades de Excel a KNIME Analytics Platform. Esta guía fácil de seguir te puede ayudar a hacer la transición de Excel a KNIME. La guía muestra las funciones y técnicas más utilizadas en Excel y muestra sus equivalentes en KNIME, guiándote a través de los pasos que se harían en Excel y mostrando cómo se harían en KNIME Analytics Platform. Descubre, por ejemplo, cómo se manejan en KNIME la lectura de datos, el filtrado, la ordenación, la rotación, las fórmulas matemáticas y las funciones de uso común, como vlookup.
Written by Kathrin Melcher