Contributors of the Month - Hall of Fame 2020/2021

Congratulations to all our blog writers, social media influencers, forum helpers, and more.

Congratulations to all our Community Contributors!

This program recognizes community members who are doing unique and interesting things with KNIME or sharing useful data science tips and tricks. Here we celebrate the contributors from July 2020 to June 2021 across the following categories:

Social Media Influencers

Vijaykrishna Venkataraman

August 2020: Vijaykrishna Venkataraman was our first KNIME Community Contributor! This is his mind map of KNIME features, which he talks about in his LinkedIn post. In his words, "these are just my picks and don’t cover the entire list."

Evan Bristow and Miguel InfMad

January 2021: We had two contributors for the month of January: Evan Bristow and Miguel InfMad, who are long time KNIME users and data science experts. In recent years, Evan and Miguel have put their expertise to good use by building and nurturing a Facebook community for all KNIME users - from newbies to experts.

KNIME Hub Profile - Evan | KNIME Hub Profile - Miguel

Support Experts

Markus Lauber

September 2020: Markus Lauber is a highly active member of the KNIME Forum and has also made many valuable contributions to the KNIME Hub in his public space. We'd like to especially point out his School of Duplicates article, which is just one of many! You can find it linked from the Knowledge Sharing category on our KNIME Forum.

Phil Kowalski

March 2021: In his forum post, Phil shares what he’s doing with KNIME to spark his personal creativity - specifically for his hobby of role-playing games. Dive into the world of wizards, dwarves, elves, and humans working on heroic quests. Maybe you’ll be inspired to accept his challenge and share your own crazy KNIME projects!

Component / Node Developers

SJ Porter

October 2020: SJ Porter’s GUID Generator and Text Preprocessing components were the community contributions in October, which at that time had the most number of downloads on the KNIME Hub.

Armin Ghassemi Rudd

February 2021: Armin Ghassemi Rudd's Translator and Get Request Plus components can be found on the KNIME Hub and are also featured on our Verified Components webpage. Besides creating awesome components, Armin has been a long term and very active contributor to the KNIME Forum.

Bloggers / YouTubers

Angus Veitch

November 2020: Angus is an active member of the KNIME community, and has written numerous blog articles about KNIME. In his TweetKollidR workflow article, he describes his KNIME workflow for creating text-rich visualizations of Twitter data.

Dennis Ganzaroli

April 2021: Dennis has written several articles, where he shares his experiences, recipes, & best practices for analyzing data with KNIME Analytics Platform - both alone & in combination with other tools. A couple of his memorable articles include: making COVID-19 projections by combining KNIME, Jupyter, & Tableau (which also has a sequel), & his opinion piece on how &  why KNIME has become the most important tool in his daily work.


July 2021: Makkynm is an active KNIME community member and has written numerous blog posts and guides in Japanese be it for beginner, intermediate, or advanced KNIME users.

Educators / Lecturers

Keith McCormick

December 2020: Keith is an independent trainer and being an ardent KNIME advocate, has helped many get trained on KNIME through his courses on LinkedIn Learning: Introduction to Machine Learning with KNIME, and Data Science Foundations - Data Assessment for Predictive Modeling.

Giuseppe Di Fatta

May 2021: Giuseppe Di Fatta is Head of the Department of Computer Science at the University of Reading, where he also teaches data science courses using KNIME Analytics Platform: Data Science Algorithms & Tools, and Data Analytics and Mining. The current KNIME Certification Program was developed in collaboration with Giuseppe, too. As an ardent KNIME advocate, he’s also been sharing his positive experiences using KNIME software with the academic community.

Alzbeta Tuerkova

June 2021: Alzbeta Tuerkova and co-author Barbara Zdrazil, in their research paper show how KNIME is used for an efficient and reproducible drug-repurposing strategy to identify new drug candidates for rare diseases and COVID-19. The workflow, tutorials, and information gained on COVID-19 data are freely available to the scientific community for follow-up studies or can be tailored to specific needs of other use cases.

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