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Challenge 29: Comparing Distributions between Groups

Level: Easy

Description: Imagine that you want to compare student test scores to find out whether there are any differences between the students' performances in 2020 (group 1) compared to 2019 (group 0). For example, you might want to find out whether there is an unusually high number of very good scores compared to the other year, which could be a sign of cheating. Each student participated in the same three tests and received three test scores (Score 1, Score 2, and Score 3). How similar are the distributions of the three scores between the two groups? Which score distribution differs the most? The output should contain a visualization of the conditional distributions and a statistical test for the equality of mean and variance between the groups.

Hint: Check out the verified components for visualization on the KNIME Hub. 

Author: Maarit Widmann

Data: Scores Data in the KNIME Hub

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Comparing distributions between groups with KNIME

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