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Here is how the challenges work:

     We post a challenge on Wednesday
     You create a solution with KNIME
     Upload it to your public KNIME Hub Space
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Our solution to the challenge comes out on the following Tuesday.

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Challenge 40: Just KNIME It! Season Finale

Level: Hard

Description: To celebrate the end of the first season of #JustKNIMEIt, this challenge will be a fully open-ended one! We invite you to create a reusable component that handles any niche operation that you see fit! See our community component collections for inspiration: Best Practices, Winter 2021, Spring 2022, and Summer 2022.

Need more inspiration for this challenge? A component on regular expressions could be fun, but there are honestly no limits here.

Author: Victor Palacios

Remember to upload your solution with tag justknimeit-40 to your public space on the KNIME Hub. To increase the visibility of your solution, also post it to this challenge thread on the KNIME Forum.

Note: As this is an open-ended challenge, we will not be supplying our own solution as we usually do.

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