KNIME Certification Program

Measure and certify your KNIME expertise.

The KNIME Certification Program measures your expertise with different concepts of KNIME Software as well as current data science skills.

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May 18, 2021

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Which examination is right for you?

Important: Levels within KNIME Certification Program are consecutive, i.e., one can only take the L2 examination once the L1 has been passed. This is currently not reflected in the ordering process!

L1: Basic Proficiency in KNIME Analytics Platform

  • General concepts of KNIME Analytics Platform
  • Importing/exporting data
  • Data manipulation and aggregation
  • 45 minute multiple-choice exam (15 questions)
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L2: Advanced Proficiency in KNIME Analytics Platform

  • Flow variables
  • Configuration nodes
  • Dates and times
  • Workflow control
  • Data visualization and exploration
  • 45 minute multiple-choice exam (15 questions)
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L3: Proficiency in KNIME Software for Collaboration and Productionizing of Data Science

  • Deploying KNIME workflows as applications and services (REST)
  • Remote workflow execution
  • Building reports
  • Working with databases
  • Collaboration (snapshots, permissions, data)
  • Building Guided Analytics workflows for KNIME WebPortal
  • 45 minute multiple-choice exam (15 questions)
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L4: Proficiency in KNIME Server Setup, Management and Administration

  • KNIME Server basics (compatibilities, recommendations)
  • Setup and management of KNIME Server
  • KNIME Server architectures
  • Using KNIME Server REST API
  • Setup of enterprise-ready environment (permissions, authentication)
  • 45 minute multiple-choice exam (15 questions)
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I prepare for the exams?

While there are several options for how to prepare for the examinations, we recommend participating in one of our courses. The naming scheme of KNIME Courses makes it easy to identify the equivalent level in KNIME Certification Program: For instance, the two courses with the prefix [L1-DS] and [L1-DW] will prepare you for the L1 examination. Please have a look at the Events page for more information about our course program.

If you are interested in self-paced learning, you can get the training material for our courses or use the material listed on our Learning page.

Since we currently don't offer a course for KNIME Server administration, please use the following material to prepare for the L4: Proficiency in KNIME Server Setup, Management and Administration examination:

How many questions do I have to answer correctly to pass an exam?

The pass mark for any examination is 70%. This means that you have to answer more than 11 questions correctly in order to pass an exam (all of them currently contain 15 questions).

Can I sign up for multiple examinations at once?

Yes, you can sign up for multiple examinations with just one registration. Please note, that you will only receive instructions for subsequent examination levels once you have passed the previous ones. Let's say you register for the L1 and L2 exams: You will receive instructions for your L1 exam at midnight and only receive instructions for the L2 exam once you have passed L1.

Since you can still sign up for exams on the day of the examination, you can also register for one exam and take it. Once you have passed it, you can continue to register for the subsequent exam. 

Do I have to install additional software before taking the exam?

Since the examination is implemented with WebPortal on KNIME Server, you will only need a supported browser with JavaScript enabled.

Am I allowed to use additional material during the examination?

No. Please make sure that you only have the browser window/tab with the examination open. If English is not your native language, feel free to use a translation service during the exam. You are, in particular, not allowed to use KNIME Analytics Platform, KNIME Hub, or other KNIME-related resources during the examination.

I did not get an email with instructions.

You should have received an email from that contains instructions on how to access the examination. If that's not the case, please check your Junk/Spam folder and contact if you cannot find it.

I am presented with the wrong examination.

Please make sure to log out of any of your previous session via the Logout button in the top right corner of the WebPortal. If you have already closed the window, open in your browser and then log out. Once you have logged out, the links in the instructions email should open the correct exam. If that is not the case, contact us at

I get an error 408 after clicking the link in the instructions email.

This is a temporary hiccup. Please reload the website to solve the problem and get to the examination. If this does not work, please close your browser and click the link in the instructions email again. If you are still experience issues, contact us at

My internet connection dropped during the exam. How can I continue where I left off?

Please do not click the link from the KNIME Certification Instructions email that you have received earlier. Instead, please go here and log in manually with the credentials from the instructions email.

How can I retake an examination?

Don't worry, you are allowed one retake of an exam as per the Terms and Conditions. Please do not try to register again, in particular, with a different email address. Instead, get in touch with us via and we will unlock you for a retake of the examination.

Why have my questions been marked as "not answered in time"?

You have 3 minutes to answer each question of the examination. If you have answered after the 3 minutes limit has passed, your answer will be marked as "not answered in time". Please reach out to us if you have more questions about this topic.

Where can I find the Terms and Conditions?

The most important points in condensed form:

  • Certificates are valid for two years after passing the examination
  • You are allowed to retake an examination once within 3 months after the examination
  • If you fail the exam on a retake, you are not allowed to register for a new examination for 3 months
  • No external help is allowed during the examination

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