KNIME Courses Overview

Self-paced, online, or onsite courses covering topics for beginners and advanced users.

Depending on what kind of data expert you are (or want to be), we have the full learning path for you.

Learning Paths* by Persona

  • KNIME Trainers: Teach learners how to use KNIME software tools
  • Data Analysts: Perform ETL operations and visualize data
  • Data Engineers: Construct and maintain data pipelines
  • Data Scientists: Develop ML models to find hidden patterns and trends in datasets

Self-Paced Courses

KNIME self-paced courses are a series of courses, which are online and free. There is no instructor - rather you learn at your own pace through a guided set of tutorials. Exercises and solutions are provided along the way so you can test out what you've learned.

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Online Courses

KNIME online courses are run via a conferencing tool with an instructor. Some online courses are offered as full-day courses, others are distributed over multiple sessions on different days. These courses will teach you all the relevant concepts, and you'll be able to put your knowledge into practice with hands-on exercises.

learning paths

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*The courses comprising the learning paths accumulate your KNIME skills over four levels:

  • L1 – Data Literacy: implement simple data transformations employing the basic features of KNIME Analytics Platform

  • L2 – Automation: Repeat and automate operations by using more advanced control features in KNIME Analytics Platform

  • L3 – Productionization: Deploy, productionize, and monitor your previously developed applications

  • L4 – Specialization: Learn specialized techniques and their best practices for each professional profile

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