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Keith McCormick

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Data Science Consultant, Trainer, Author, and Speaker

Keith is an experienced educator of data science with extensive records in teaching and speaking engagements. As an ardent advocate of KNIME, he has been instrumental in introducing KNIME to many through his courses in LinkedIn Learning. He has contributed to a number of KNIME events, and was selected as the Contributor of the Month in December, 2020.

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John Emery

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Principal Consultant, phData

John is one of the creators of the KNIME Foundations courses on Data Coach. With his expertise in KNIME, John has contributed several blog posts on our low code journal, and presented at our events. We celebrated his contributions to the KNIME community as the Contributor of the Month for July, 2022.


Christophe Molina

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Christophe has over 30 years of experience in data analysis, signal and image processing for life-sciences in areas such as cheminformatics, bioinformatics and genomics. His company, PIKAÏROS, provides consulting services, development and training in data science essentially based on KNIME. Being an active member of KNIME Forum and a speaker at KNIME events, he was selected as the Contributor of the Month in June, 2022.

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Kathrin Melcher

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Data Scientist and Solution Engineer, KNIME

As a data scientist at KNIME, Kathrin has been actively involved in teaching KNIME software and data science as an instructor, a content creator, and an author. She is a frequent contributor to our blogs and a speaker at various webinars.

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Lada Rudnitckaia

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Data Scientist, KNIME

Lada has been involved in education at KNIME for the past few years, teaching courses and generating educational materials. She is the main contributor of a recently-created KNIME course on best practices in data engineering.

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