KNIME Certified Trainer Program

Supporting KNIME experts to become KNIME Certified Trainers to scale KNIME learning and empower industry-aligned data professionals.

Become a KNIME Certified Trainer

KNIME Certified Trainers (KCTs) are the leading technical and instructional experts of KNIME Software.

By joining this worldwide group of professional KNIME Trainers, you will gain access to a full repository of official KNIME teaching materials as well as substantial discounts on books and exams for your learners. You will also be endorsed on the website. 

To become a KNIME Certified Trainer you will have to earn the L1 to L3 KNIME certification which validates your technical knowledge, and pass the teaching evaluation.


L1–L3 Certification

Certify your KNIME knowledge by taking the certification exams.

Self-paced preparation courses are available for each level.


Train the Trainer

The Train the Trainer course helps prepare you for the teaching evaluation.

The course includes a theory course and practical workshop.

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  • Certification and Badge

  • Endorsement on KNIME Certified Trainers website

  • Teaching materials and discounts on books and exams for your learners

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Trainer Self-Evaluation

To determine what part of the program you are at, follow the diagram below:

Check out the updated L2 and L3 certification exams and get access to codes to complete them today


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