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September 13, 2021 — by Stefan Helfrich
KNIME Certification Program - on-demand examinations and digital badges

And Earn A Digital Badge!

Have you been learning about data science and KNIME and want to take one of the examinations in the KNIME Certification Program? What’s new is that now, you take an on-demand examination, whenever you consider yourself ready.

We’ve developed the KNIME Certification Program considerably since its launch in February 2019 in order to make it easier to use and more convenient to your schedule. From in-person exams twice a year at the KNIME Summits we moved to online examinations on specific dates (mostly forced by the emergence of COVID-19): As a next step, we’re now happy to offer on-demand examinations.

The on-demand certification exams can now be accessed via the same learning platform that hosts all our educational materials.  This puts all the e-learning materials you need to prepare for the exams as well as the examinations themselves in a single, convenient location. Full details about the on-demand exams are on the KNIME Certification Program page.

Browse our catalog of free KNIME Self-Paced Courses.  Choose which one you would like to take and then login and enroll for the course on the learning platform.

On-Demand Examinations and Digital Badges - KNIME Certification Program
Fig. 1. KNIME Learning Store with all examinations unlocked.

Digital and verifiable badges

The change to on-demand examinations also comes with a more state-of-the-art way of receiving certificates: Instead of sending out just a PDF certificate (that cannot readily be verified), you will be issued a digital badge for each examination that you pass.

On-Demand Examinations and Digital Badges - KNIME Certification Program
Fig. 2. Digital badges in KNIME Certification Program

Share your badges on social media or add them to your LinkedIn account and increase your chances of being noticed within your network by peers and potential employers. Add a link to your badge in your CV and provide future employers with verifiable proof of your skills. Indeed, the digital badge is not merely a graphical representation but also contains verified metainformation (such as date of issue and expiration date).

On-Demand Examinations and Digital Badges - KNIME Certification Program
Fig. 3. Use the badge from your certification exam to add digital credentials to your LinkedIn profile with a few clicks.

Updated examination structure

We’ve also slightly adjusted the examination structure with regard to KNIME Server: The former L4: Server Administration certification is replaced with the so-called Special Topic Examination: KNIME Server Administration. In order to take this exam we require that you have passed the L1 exam and achieved the Basic Proficiency in KNIME Analytics Platform badge. This is to ensure that KNIME Server administrators have a basic understanding of the software to successfully manage their daily work.

How to book on-demand certification exams

If you already have a KNIME account*, you are all set: Head over to the KNIME Certification Program page and purchase your ticket for an examination. When the email address associated with your account has also been used to register for previous exams, you’ll automatically be unlocked for the next levels of certification (if not, please reach out to us at

*And if you don’t already have a KNIME account, head over to our Create Account page to create one

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