07 May 2020berthold

By Michael Berthold (KNIME). As first published in InfoWorld.

With new Integrated Deployment extensions, data scientists can capture entire KNIME workflows for automatic deployment to production or reuse

How to move data science into production

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04 May 2020rs

I know you are still using Excel sheets to transform and/or analyze your data! I know, because most of us still use it to some extent. There is nothing wrong with using Excel. Excel spreadsheets are a great tool to collect and transform small amounts of data. However, when the game becomes harder and requires larger amounts of data, Excel starts showing its limitations.

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27 Apr 2020Jeany

Express Yourself!

All individuals are unique and so are our data needs. From simple csv files to REST APIs to Google’s BigQuery or using customized shared components, KNIME Analytics Platform offers many ways to access and analyze your data. Today, we will demonstrate how to access all of these aforementioned data sources through the use case of analyzing and annotating gene expression data.

Analyzing Gene Expression Data with KNIME

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20 Apr 2020Pharmacelera

by Enric Herrero (Pharmacelera)

What is virtual screening in pharmaceutical R&D?

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06 Apr 2020Martyna

Accessing scientific datasets in Google Bigquery

The availability of scientific datasets in Google BigQuery opens new possibilities for the exploration and analysis of public life sciences data. Especially the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) provides a place where SQL queries can be easily and intuitively created in order to explore huge datasets extremely fast.

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30 Mar 2020paolotamag

Author: Paolo Tamagnini (KNIME)

Guided Labeling - 1 An Introduction to Active Learning

One of the key challenges of utilizing supervised machine learning for real world use cases is that most algorithms and models require lots of data with quite a few specific requirements. 

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26 Mar 2020admin

You have just downloaded KNIME Analytics Platform, what next?

Author: Rosaria Silipo (KNIME)

Seven things to do after installing KNIME

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23 Mar 2020admin

Author: Martyna Pawletta (KNIME)

We are often asked if it’s possible to work with ontologies in KNIME Analytics Platform.

Exploring Chemistry Ontologies with KNIME

With “work with ontologies” people can mean many different things but let's focus today on one particular ontology and basic tasks including reading and querying ontologies to create an interactive tool at the end. For this purpose, today, we dive into the world of chemistry to use the ChEBI ontology (Chemical Entities of Biological Interest). 

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16 Mar 2020admin

Author: Franziska Rau (KNIME)

Motifs and Mutations - The Logic of Sequence Logos

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