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Just KNIME It! A New Way to Show Off Your KNIME Skills

January 13, 2022
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What is “Just KNIME It!”?

The “Just KNIME It!” challenges are an opportunity for you to practice your workflow building skills and share what you learned with the world. Here is how the challenges will work:

  1. Every Wednesday we will post a problem that can be solved with KNIME

  2. Next, you think of a solution (feel free to use the KNIME Forum) and implement it as a workflow

  3. Finally, we share our solution to the problem on the following Tuesday

Since many solutions are possible for any given challenge, we encourage you to share yours on your KNIME Hub space and on social media, so that we can keep the discussion going!

The challenges will be designed in 3 difficulty levels: easy, medium and hard. In the first week, we will start off with a medium-level challenge more or less as follows (we have to keep a bit of mystery!): You have a dataset of images stored on a virtual machine, and you cannot alter their location because they are a shared resource across several users. You also cannot create copies of the dataset because memory is scarce on that machine. Your goal then is to build a framework that allows users to interactively visualize the dataset in KNIME, and include/exclude those images that are not of interest for downstream analysis.

Are your KNIME senses tingling? Do you already have an idea of how you would solve such a problem? We will be providing the data and further instructions on January 26, which is the launch day for the “Just KNIME It!” challenges. You can register here to receive weekly challenge reminders starting on January 14.

“Just KNIME It!” is Coming…

The “Just KNIME It!” challenges will range from dealing with images, to time series manipulation, to using CDC data to answer questions about disease, to introductory Python scripting. No stone will be left unturned. Our aim is to challenge and engage our community with fun mini-bytes of KNIMEness.

Let’s KNIME it!

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