Certify Your KNIME Time Series Analysis Expertise

May 11, 2023 — by Daniele Tonini &  Maarit Widmann

New KNIME L4-TS Certification Exam

You can now certify yourself as a KNIME Data Scientist with a specialization in Time Series Analysis with the newly launched L4-TS Certification Exam. 

Certify your Time Series Analysis Expertise
Fig. 1. The Time Series Analysis badge you are awarded with after successfully completing the certification exam.

The exam was created by Daniele Tonini (Academi Fellow at Bocconi University) and Maarit Widmann (QA Manager, KNIME) who are the authors of the L4-TS Introduction to Time Series Analysis course and the Codeless Time Series Analysis with KNIME book. The exam questions are aligned with the following topics introduced in the course:

  • Properties of Time Series

  • Goals of Time Series Analysis

  • KNIME Time Series Integration

  • Descriptive Analytics Methods

  • Steps in a Forecasting Application

  • Forecasting Techniques

The 65-minute exam consists of 45 questions. The exam costs $150 but we are offering early examinees the chance to take the exam for free using the promo code L4-TS-NEW, which is valid until the end of July 2023 (see more details below).

The L4-TS Certification Exam completes the learning path for a Data Scientist specialized in Time Series Analysis. You are then awarded with a learning path badge (fig. 2), which you can share in social media in the same way as the certification badges.

Time series analysis learning path badge
Fig. 2. The badge you receive after you've completed the Time Series Analysis learning path.

Holders of the certification badge will have certified themselves on fours levels of proficiency: KNIME Analytics Platform (L1 and L2), KNIME Software for Collaboration and Productionizing of Data Science (L3), and finally, the time series functionalities of KNIME and the theory of time series analysis (L4).

Specialize in Time Series Analysis

It's "crucial for a business analyst/data scientist to have an understanding of how to approach time series analysis in a practical way [...] because this will impact many applications that you can develop for your company", said Prof. Daniele Tonini in an interview.

Time series refers to a temporal evolution of some phenomenon. The closing price of a stock, temperature, or the sales of a product are just a few examples of common sources of time series data. Time series data reports the evolution of what happened in several points in the past and is thus different from cross-sectional data that contain only one snapshot of history.

Understanding the temporal evolution in the past is needed for the most common goal of time series analysis: predicting the future. For this, we can apply techniques of descriptive analysis and forecasting that identify and employ characteristics that act over time. Such characteristics are, for example, trend, periodic fluctuations, anomalies and turning points. 

Time series analysis techniques are based on the characteristics of the time series itself only or they can also take the advantage of external variables. Some of the techniques are specific to time series analysis, also known as “classical methods”, while others are machine learning algorithms used across different data science fields.

For collection, understanding, and modeling of time series data, you can find relevant use cases in all types of industries: business, environmental science, industrial production, medicine, and more. Among these application areas, time series analysis is used to effectively allocate effort and resources, predict the breakdown of a machine, control and even save emissions.

If that’s your specialty or interest, then the exam is right for you! Let’s check next how you can prepare for the exam.

How to Prepare for the Exam

We recommend joining the L4-TS Introduction to Time Series Analysis course. The course will be instructed next time on September 11-15, 2023.

Before that, we offer the following materials for preparation:

  • Codeless Time Series Analysis (e-)Book. Purchase on Amazon. Studying the book suffices to pass the certification exam and gives you insights into more advanced time series analysis techniques, too.

  • Recording of Time Series Analysis Workshop on KNIMETV. Summary of the L4-TS Introduction to Time Series course. This recording is good for recapping the relevant topics but doesn’t fully prepare you for the certification exam. 

Are you ready to become a certified KNIME Data Scientist in the specialty of Time Series Analysis? Follow the steps listed below.

How to Take the Exam

You can find and enroll in the exam via the website of the KNIME Certification Program. For early examinees like you, when you register, you can enter the promotional code L4-TS-NEW to take the exam for free until the end of July, 2023.

Note that you’ll need to have passed the following upstream certifications of the learning path before you can take any L4 certification exam:

Note that you’ll need to have passed the following upstream certifications of the learning path before you can take any L4 certification exam:

  • L1: Basic Proficiency in KNIME Analytics Platform

  • L2: Advanced Proficiency in KNIME Analytics Platform

  • L3-PC: Proficiency in KNIME Software for Collaboration and Productionizing of Data Science

If you didn’t pass these yet, now it’s time for that. You can then complete your specialist profile together with the next time series course in September, 2023.

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