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What are Components?

Components are really KNIME nodes that you create with a KNIME workflow, enabling you to easily bundle, reuse, and share functionality. Configuration and widget nodes allow you to create Components that behave just like normal nodes with a logo, a dialogue, and often interactive views. With KNIME Analytics Platform, anyone can create Components and share them, via the KNIME Hub, with the community.

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Sharing components

Build your own Components and share them with the KNIME Community on the KNIME Hub!

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Community Components Collections

Seasonal reviews of community components are published on KNIME Blog. Components really are KNIME nodes that you create with a KNIME workflow. Note that these components are built by and for the community via the KNIME Hub. These components have not been officially verified by the KNIME team.
  • Winter 2022 Collection
  • Spring 2022 Collection
  • Summer 2022 Collection
  • Fall 2022 Collection