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Connecting CSP & Telco customers

Improve network performance and service quality, deliver quality customer experience, and enter new markets and opportunities, all while embracing latest LTE and 5G technologies.

KNIME helps CSPs & Telcos improve network uptime & customer service through data science

  • Improve service quality and network coverage by predicting asset failures.Improve service quality and network coverage by predicting asset failures.
  • Combat subscriber fraud through anomaly detection.Combat subscriber fraud through anomaly detection.
  • Keep customers connected through real-time network infrastructure maintenance.Keep customers connected through real-time network infrastructure maintenance.
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Before [our first use case], there were around thirty people doing it manually … Now this is fully automated. The workflow runs four times a day, gets the data automatically from the data warehouse, then writes it to the data warehouse again. Then the end users can see what the AI says, and, if necessary, they can overwrite it. There's no manual prediction needed.

Christine Barg, Data Scientist, Deutsche Telekom
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Why KNIME for CSPs & Telcos

Sophisticated analytics, intuitive interface

Sophisticated analytics, intuitive interface

  • Keep up with exponentially-increasing mobile data usage and traffic volumes, which result in increased demand and increased competition. Stay relevant by ensuring connectivity and personalized experiences. 
  • Enable Telco and CSP network engineers and data experts to predict asset failure and avoid network downtime. Enable Marketing and Customer Care teams to better understand customer sentiment and optimize service delivery by parsing and analyzing large volumes of data, without any coding. All with KNIME’s low-code/no-code interface.
A single environment for the entire data science lifecycle

A single environment for the entire data science lifecycle

  • Ensure frontline Telco and CSP staff have access to the most updated insights on network performance and customer issues.
  • Ensure that data experts can not only prepare, explore and analyze all relevant data, but also deploy and manage models across the enterprise with KNIME’s end-to-end support for the entire data science life cycle.
  • Get to insights faster, rather than squandering time or resources on integrating multiple tools.

Future-proof with open source

Future-proof with open source

  • Keep up with new techniques, technologies within the continually evolving data science ecosystem with KNIME’s open source approach.
  • Stay on top of the bleeding edge of the evolving environment, with innovations developed and vetted by a community of thousands of dedicated data science experts.
Enterprise-scale data analytics platform

Enterprise-scale data analytics platform

  • Scale as your data sources and systems grow.
  • Connect to over 300 data sources within a centralized platform that also ensures data privacy and security, and has built-in integrations with scripting languages like Python and R.
  • Schedule tasks, automate processes, share and reuse models, and deploy them wherever you want – on-premises or in the cloud. Furthermore, in KNIME, auditability trails are digitized and built into the workflows, making governance straightforward and transparent.