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Research Paper

F. Villarroel Ordenes, R. Silipo, “Machine learning for marketing on the KNIME Hub: The development of a live repository for marketing applications”, Journal of Business Research, 2020

"We contributed to the ML literature in marketing by creating a live repository of projects, hosted on the KNIME hub, where users can learn, share and reuse workflows (visual code)."

Research Paper

D Herhausen, SF Bernritter, EWT Ngai, A Kumar, D Delen, "Machine learning in marketing: Recent progress and future research directions",
Journal of Business Research, 2024

"To put it more directly, proficiency in ML could become an essential skill for numerous marketing researchers and practitioners rather than just a desirable one."


F. Villarroel Ordenes, R. D. Cadili, “Meet Your Customers: The Marketing Analytics Collection”, KNIME Press 2023

"In this book, we have collected 15+ use cases in Marketing Analytics to illustrate possible solutions to popular marketing problems by business experts, researchers and data scientists."


Slides and Datasets

- Introductory slides to KNIME Analytics Platform to get the course started

- “Low Code Solutions for Marketing Analytics” webinar slides held by prof. F. Villarroel (LUISS), R. Silipo (KNIME), and A. Marvi (KNIME)

- A brochure with datasets used in the organization of marketing analytics student challenges and hackathons

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