KNIME Product Downloads 2019-06


This page contains downloads for the KNIME products that were released as part of the KNIME Server version 4.9.3 in February 2020 and KNIME Analytics Platform version 4.0.2 in October 2019. See our What's New page for an overview of the improvements, or see the Analytics Platform changelog for the full list of changes, the KNIME Server changelog is at the bottom of this page.

The KNIME Server section of the KNIME forum is accessible here.

KNIME Server

The current version of KNIME Server is 4.9.3. This update site includes all bug fix releases of the 4.9 line and the latest 3.10 KNIME TeamSpace release. The update site includes the server connector (ServerSpace) and the extensions for the workflow executor.

Customers with a 'legacy' KNIME Server, WebPortal, Server Lite license may need a new license file in order to use all of the functionality that you have licensed. To determine whether you have a legacy license, you can inspect the license file in a text editor, if the version is <= 20160503 then you have a legacy license file and should contact your KNIME Account Manager before proceeding with the upgrade.


All documentation for KNIME Server can be found here.

Server installation

Server upgrades

For updates to 4.9.x from 4.8.x or 4.7.x follow the instructions in the Server Release Notes and Update Guide. For updates from 4.6.x you will in addition need to check the changes to configurations in the 4.6 update guide document.

For updates from older KNIME Server versions you should use the installer and choose the existing workflow repository at install time. For 0.0.x updates on the 4.9 release line, you may also follow the instructions in the Server Release Notes and Update Guide.

Supplementary functionality

Administrator Manuals

End-user Manuals

KNIME Server update site

  • All KNIME Server updates are contained in the Analytics Platform update site (see below).


KNIME Server Executor

It's possible to use the KNIME Server installer to install the KNIME Server Executor, although in some cases it may be more convenient to use the stand-alone packages.

The current version of KNIME Server Executor is 4.0.2


  • KNIME Server Executor version for 64bit Linux


The update site contains all bug fix release for the 4.0 line.


KNIME Analytics Platform

The current version of KNIME Analytics Platform is 4.0.2. The software can be found on the download page.


KNIME TeamSpace

The current version of KNIME TeamSpace is 3.10.0. Further documentation is available here:


KNIME Cluster Execution

The current version of KNIME Cluster Execution (SGE) is 1.6.0


KNIME Big Data Extensions

Current versions:

  • KNIME Big Data Connectors: 4.0.2

  • KNIME Extension for Apache Spark: 4.0.2

You need to install the following:

  • Extensions to KNIME Analytics Platform:

    • KNIME Big Data Connectors

    • KNIME Extension for Apache Spark

  • On your Hadoop cluster: Apache Livy or Spark Jobserver (deprecated), see KNIME Big Data Extensions Admin Guide




Find out what has changed in the KNIME Server Release Notes.


For any questions about KNIME Software or product installations, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.


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