From Spreadsheets to Workflows

An Excel alternative: Combine data from different tables, apply rules, automate, and analyze in a reproducible and scalable way.

Work with Excel Files and Many Other Data Sources without Limitation

Use KNIME Analytics Platform as an Excel alternative, so you can build visual workflows - from simple to complex - that perform any task on your data in a reproducible and scalable way. There are no limits to the number of data sources, rows or columns, or steps in the process. Once the data is in KNIME, you can manipulate and enhance it using state-of-the-art advanced analysis methods. Results can be visualized directly in KNIME or sent to a database, reporting tool, or written into a new file.




Work Together with Colleagues, Auditors, or Regulatory Authorities

Documenting every step of your data analysis is tedious. But with KNIME, each step in the workflow is automatically documented. Furthermore, you can inspect and reuse the output at each step of your workflow. These self-explanatory workflows can be shared with colleagues by either exchanging files (like you would with Excel), or with the built-in collaboration features of KNIME Server. Sharing KNIME workflows outside of your company is easy because KNIME Analytics Platform runs on all major operating systems, and therefore makes a good alternative to a tool such as Excel.



Reduce Manual Work

Automate and productionize routine data processes and reduce manual work. As an Excel alternative, KNIME allows you to execute repeated steps on any file or data source by pointing the input nodes to the new data. Best practices can be captured without coding and reused in other workflows. Once the workflow is ready, it can be put into production with a few clicks. It can then be executed automatically, integrated into existing infrastructure, or exposed as an interactive, browser-based application. This requires KNIME Server, the complementary enterprise software for automation and deployment.


An Excel Alternative: Transition to KNIME

A free guide mapping the most commonly used Excel functions and techniques to their KNIME equivalents, taking you through the steps you’d take in Excel and showing you how they can be done in KNIME Analytics Platform. Find out, for example, how data reading, filtering, sorting, pivoting, math formulas, and commonly used functions such as vlookup are handled in KNIME.


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