KNIME Server

KNIME® Server extends the power and flexibility of KNIME Analytics Platform beyond individual data scientists by providing collaboration, deployment, and management functionalities. KNIME Server is available in three editions enabling teams of all sizes - from small groups to global companies - to work better together.

Shared Repositories


Share data, nodes, metanodes, and workflows across your team and throughout your company. Versioning allows storage of each workflow revision with all of its intermediate calculations, enabling extensive debugging, tracking and auditing capabilities.

Access Management

KNIME Server gives you control over access management at the node, file, and application level.

Node Level: Metanode linking, locking, and encrypting allows you to securely publish workflow fragments across the organization, automatically updating all workflows that use those nodes.

Workflow Level: KNIME Server offers LDAP authentication in addition to basic XML file-based access restriction to integrate analytics into your existing authentication infrastructure.

Application Level: Connect to KNIME Server with KNIME Analytics Platform, with legacy applications, or write your own applications using the development environment of your choice, with our industry-standard REST interface.

Flexible Execution

KNIME Server enables your team to offload execution from personal laptops to a well-provisioned, high-performance computer configured to your specifications.

Scheduled execution enables delayed and recurring workflow deployment, allowing maximum flexibility for distribution among teams and infrastructure.

Web Enablement

KNIME Server includes KNIME WebPortal, enabling access to your analytics on any device with a web browser. Data scientists can guide anyone in the organization to use advanced analytics, publish workflow results, or schedule an execution remotely. Our REST interface allows you to effortlessly create industry-standard web services.


KNIME Server in Small, Medium & Large

KNIME Server is available in three different editions. KNIME Server Small is designed principally for small teams, enabling them to exchange workflows and execute them remotely. KNIME Server Medium enables additional consumers to use workflows within KNIME via the browser, and includes the REST API. KNIME Server Large allows multiple installations as well as multiple WebPortal users and is intended for larger teams needing to collaborate across business units or across the globe.

Feature Description KNIME Server Small KNIME Server Medium KNIME Server Large
Workflow Sharing Share workflows and control access rights.      
Metanode Template Repository Share and update metanodes for reuse of common functionalities.      
Encrypting of Metanodes Encrypt metanodes to secure content and protect intellectual property.      
Remote Execution Execute workflows on the server.      
Scheduled Execution Schedule workflows to be executed and results distributed via email at a certain time or time interval.      
REST API Deploy workflows via the REST API to allow access from other applications.      
Big Data Extensions Execute big data workflows remotely. Enables access to Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark from KNIME workflows.      
WebPortal Provide WebPortal access to deploy analytical applications to consumers via a browser-based interface. Licensed users Additional consumers Unlimited consumers
Basic User Authentication Manage user credentials locally for smaller teams.      
User Authentication Integrate authentication with corporate LDAP / Active Directory setups and manage permissions.      
Workflow Versioning Create workflow snapshots and compare to previous versions.      
Custom Node Repository Customize the node repository to ease use and ensure compliance.      
WebPortal Customizations Customize the look and feel of the WebPortal to comply with corporate identity.      
Admin Portal Monitor server activity (running and scheduled jobs), adjust permissions, manage ongoing services.      
Installations Number of server installations. 1 1 Multiple
Support Subscription for professional support service via ticket system or forum. Forum Email Email
Annual Subscription 7.500 EUR
8,500 USD
5 users &
8 cores
25.000 EUR
29,000 USD
5 users &
8 cores
45.500 EUR
52,000 USD
5 users &
8 cores
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KNIME Software in the Cloud

The power of KNIME Server can be run on both private and public clouds, for example hosted by AWS or Azure, eliminating the need for on-premise installation or maintenance. Find out more here.


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