Community Extensions


KNIME Community Extensions offer a wide range of KNIME nodes from different application areas, such as chemo- and bioinformatics, image processing, or information retrieval. In contrast to the extensions available via the standard KNIME Update Site they are provided and maintained by various community developers.

The Trusted Community Extensions can easily be installed by selecting File -> Install KNIME Extensions in KNIME Analytics Platform. Additional extensions are available by enabling the Update Site in KNIME via File -> Preferences -> Install/Update -> Available Update Sites. See the update site guide for details.

You can also download the whole update site as a ZIP archive and add the ZIP to the Available Update Sites (see above).

Community Extensions (Trusted)

Current KNIME Analytics Platform version

Older KNIME Analytics Platform versions

Community Extensions (Experimental)

Current KNIME Analytics Platform version

Older KNIME Analytics Platform versions

Nightly Builds

The nightly Builds update site needs to be added manually to the list of Available Update Sites (see above for instructions).

The newly installed nodes will appear in KNIME in a new "Community Nodes" category.

Please note that KNIME does not take any responsibility for the extensions provided by the community.

Instructions for developers can be found here.