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Get Certified – Get the KNIME Certification Program

February 18, 2019
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Are you an expert in KNIME Software?

There is an official way to answer this question and share it with the world: You can test your KNIME proficiency with a certification program developed in collaboration between academia and industry.

Professional certifications are particularly useful in the employment process to help identify key skills relevant to the job profile sought by employers. They facilitate matching the demand for skills with the offer at an earlier stage and also promote the need for the right skills. They help prospective applicants to understand the requirements in the current job market to plan their training and development more effectively.

Employers can use certifications to engage current employees in Continuous Professional Development (CDP) relevant to critical needs. While Higher Education degrees are evidence of a solid knowledge of a subject area (e.g., BSc Computer Science, MSc Data Science), certification programs tend to focus on very specific expertise and skills on industry-relevant tools and processes. Certification programs help to ensure the right competence level is clearly identified and communicated. Certification tests are used to assess skills and knowledge for this purpose.

Skills in the field of data science, machine learning, and analytics are in more demand than ever. KNIME Analytics Platform is one of the leading platforms. The Data Science with KNIME Software certificates from the KNIME Certification Program are testimony of proficiency in the open source platform for data driven innovation: they show your ability to develop, execute and deploy data analytics projects. Certificate-holders will boost their professional credibility; employers will more easily identify the right candidates to gain a competitive advantage.

About the collaborators

KNIME teamed up with the University of Reading to develop the KNIME Certification Program. The motivation was to draw on the experience and know-how from academia and apply it to build an effective certification program. With research expertise in Data Science, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, and High Performance Computing for Computational Science, the Department of Computer Science of the University of Reading, headed by Dr. Giuseppe Di Fatta, was an ideal partner.

The University of Reading awarded their first degree in Computer Science exactly 50 years ago in 1969. The Department of Computer Science has many years of experience in teaching Data Analytics, Data Mining, and Machine Learning, and moreover they have adopted KNIME Analytics Platform in teaching Data Analytics and Data Mining for over 10 years at undergraduate level and more recently at postgraduate level as well.

KNIME Certification Program

The certification program comprises three levels (L1 to L3) with additional special topic exams. Each level highlights a person’s expertise with different aspects and practical skills on KNIME Software as well as most current data science concepts and know how.

Pass marks for the certification tests are at 70% (this is based on the grade boundary typically set in the UK undergraduate degree classification system for first-class honors degrees) and awarded certificates will be valid for 2 years. In this way employers can be reassured that an applicant with a KNIME certified credential is up to date with the latest developments in KNIME.


  • L1
    • Basic Proficiency in KNIME Analytics Platform
    • Examination: 30-minute multiple-choice exam (15 questions)
  • L2
    • Advanced Proficiency in KNIME Analytics Platform
    • Examination: 30-minute multiple-choice exam (15 questions)
  • L3
    • Proficiency in KNIME Software for Collaboration and Productionizing of Data Science
    • Examination: 90-minute multiple-choice exam (50 questions)

How to study?

To prepare yourself for these certification exams, we recommend the following methods of study:

How can I take the exam?

Find more information about the different exam levels and also links to the certification schedule in the KNIME Certification Program.

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