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Introducing KNIME Analytics Platform 3.7 and KNIME Server 4.8

December 17, 2018
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When we opened the door for December 6 on the Advent Calendar at KNIME HQ this year we discovered new releases of KNIME Analytics Platform and KNIME Server. Yeah! This happens every year, but it’s always exciting to release a bunch of cool new functionality for our community and customers to start using. We’ve added new views; better integration with Google Drive; even more new database nodes; integrations with Jupyter notebook, PySpark, and XGBoost; and many other things.

We’ve put together a couple of videos showing some of the highlights of this release:

Check out how you can use the Heatmap node to spot patterns, the Hierarchical Cluster Assigner node to create a dendrogram and explore clusters, and a new node to visualize complex datasets including images and other graphics. All three nodes support custom CSS styling, which can be done with the CSS Editor node. Use nested wrapped metanodes to bring all created views together and the new visual feature of the Layout Editor to arrange them.

The following videos explain some of the new features available in KNIME Server - like the new automated workflow services and remote workflow editor. There are also now distributed executors in KNIME Server which make the lives of both data scientists and IT administrators easier by giving them self-service access to additional compute power for faster execution of workflows. Lastly, you can now centrally define and manage customizations and profiles of all KNIME Analytics Platform clients across your organization.

Want more information? The What’s New page highlights most of the new stuff, and the Change Log is available for those of you who want to see all the detailed changes.

Ready to try it out? Open KNIME and go to File -> Update KNIME to get the latest version, or download and install it from here.