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Behold! The KNIME KNinjas!

June 2, 2022
Company news
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Check out the KNIME experts who made it into the 10 Challenge Club

Are you already part of the “Just KNIME it!” weekly challenges? How many challenges have you solved so far? Are you part of the 10 Challenge Club? Some of you are. Here we'd like to introduce the nine KNIME KNinjas who have already aced 10 “Just KNIMEit!” challenges!

A big applause goes to:

  1. lelloba - 18 solved challenges

  2. KNIMEST - 18 solved challenges

  3. martinmunch - 18 solved challenges

  4. MEPivnenko - 15 solved challenges

  5. eamendola - 15 solved challenges

  6. AnilKS - 15 solved challenges

  7. ersy - 15 solved challenges

  8. gonhaddock - 14 solved challenges

  9. berti093 - 13 solved challenges

We would like to celebrate these top KNinjas for their KNIME and data expertise and for their creative thinking. We would also welcome the newest entry in the 10 Challenge Club: Berti093!

See the leaderboard on the KNIME Forum for the latest members of the 10 Challenge Club!

What is the 10 Challenge Club?

The 10 Challenge Club includes those “Just KNIME it!” participants who have completed at least 10 challenges. It is a club destined to grow, however make no mistake - it’s exclusive. It takes KNIME expertise, self-discipline, and creativity to become part of it.


Members of the 10 Challenge Club are awarded this badge on the KNIME Forum, which they can also share on social media.

The first five members have been featured in episode 8 of the “My Data Guest” series on LinkedIn Live. You can watch the recording of the “KNIME Challenge KNinjas” episode on YouTube. We hope to host more KNinjas on the series in the future.

What are the “Just KNIME it!” challenges?

Watch the "Just KNIME It!" space. Every week a new challenge appears where you can apply all your knowledge of the KNIME Analytics Platform and data prowess to solve it.

When we started "Just KNIME It!" in January 2022, the goal was to give the community a fun opportunity to practice workflow skills and share their knowledge with the world. And did our community deliver! We are now on week 18 and are consistently amazed at how creative the challenge solutions are, and at how users engage and collaborate in the KNIME Forum.

How can I become a part of the 10 Challenge Club?

To be a part of the club, upload solutions for at least 10 "Just KNIME It!" challenges onto KNIME Hub, correctly tagging your workflows with justknimeit-<number of challenge>. For example, if you’re submitting a solution to challenge 20, you should add tag justknimeit-20 to your workflow. This is to help us find your solution and count it for you to become a part of the club. Don’t know how to tag your workflow? Check this out.

So, what how about you?

Now you know what it takes to be a part of the 10 Challenge Club, so what’s holding you back? Come join the other KNIME KNinjas! In the meantime you can use the next challenges to hone your KNIME skills!

This week’s challenge is about analyzing a survey in which employees rate their skills on a 1-5 scale. The goal is to identify which skills are most common across employees, and which ones are lacking. What are you waiting for? Just KNIME it!

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