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KNIME Hall of Fame 20/21: A Strong Community

July 29, 2021
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In August last year (2020), we started the Contributor Of The Month (COTM) program. Every month a member of the KNIME community is selected to be highlighted as Contributor Of The Month.

COTM candidates are KNIME users who have contributed to increasing the KNIME presence on social media, enabling a better learning experience as educators, providing technical help for other fellow users on the KNIME Forum, sharing their experience via articles, blogs, and YouTube videos, and finally, widening the landscape of the official KNIME nodes through newly developed nodes and components. Now that twelve months have passed, the time has come for a retrospective.

But first, even though one year has only 12 months, we do have 13 COTMs. And second, COTMs are chosen according to the five categories listed above: academic ambassadors, support KNinjas, bloggers & YouTubers, social media influencers, and component wizards.

Now, it is time to introduce you to the Hall of Fame, Class 20/21!

Academic Ambassadors

We all know the difference a passionate teacher can make in school or continuing education. Academic ambassadors have been conveying their passion for data science to learners with visual workflows and KNIME in various contexts. In 20/21 three academic ambassadors were named Contributors Of The Month.

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