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Generate Invoice Reports with KNIME Blueprint

July 9, 2021
Automation inspiration
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The more orders a company receives, the more invoices the accountants should issue. And when a company grows in size, invoicing inevitably becomes a task to automate; it also becomes necessary to adopt more efficient data storage solutions that can store larger amounts of data, guarantee backup, and provide features for collaboration.

Download and use or adapt the Generating Invoice Reports blueprint (Fig. 1) for your requirements. This workflow is designed to:

  • Access orders data directly from Google Cloud Storage as well as customer contact partners data directly from Microsoft SharePoint Online. No need to download the files first!
  • Blend the data from different sources pre-process. and transform into a shape that fits an invoice report
  • Export the PDF invoice reports in bulk

This blueprint doesn’t actually use our shared components specialized for finance analysis and yet still creates an extremely powerful workflow using only native KNIME nodes that perform standard data access, manipulation, and writing operations.

Fig. 1. Blending data from Google Cloud Storage and SharePoint Online, and exporting the results into a pdf file. In our example we automatically generate invoice reports based on orders data and company internal data.


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