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Announcing: Early Access to KNIME Analytics Platform Version 5

February 28, 2023
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One of the biggest barriers to adoption of advanced analytics across communities and organizations is the analytics skill gap. Low-code/no-code platforms ease the transition by removing the necessity to learn a scripting language. KNIME, specifically, is a free and open platform, which means anyone who wants to make sense of data, can do so, irrespective of available resources or experience levels. Since KNIME was first released, anyone could download the intuitive platform and start analyzing their data with no limitations or strings attached.

To further improve the accessibility of analytics, the KNIME product team has been heavily investing in improving the new user experience and the overall ease of use of the platform. To that end, today, we’re excited to announce early access to KNIME Analytics Platform Version 5.

The latest version includes an improved UX/UI, as well as specific features to improve the experience for beginners:

  • The early access version comes with the Starter Perspective which limits recommended nodes to those that are commonly used by beginners. This setting can be toggled off for more experienced users.
  • A number of new data wrangling nodes–especially useful for users transitioning from manual spreadsheet work to visual workflows
  • An improved node search, based on product-agnostic keywords
  • A better experience for configuration dialogues, and more.

Note that this is an early access version and not recommended for production environments. We invite all users to leave feedback in the KNIME Forum.

For any beginners testing out this version, we also recommend utilizing these companion assets:

We look forward to your feedback!