KNIME Analytics Platform Version 5

Get early access to the next version of KNIME Analytics Platform, featuring an improved UX/UI that empowers beginners get started faster with visual workflows.

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KNIME Analytics Platform Version 5 features an improved UX/UI that simplifies building your first workflow and working with low-code/no-code analytics. In addition to a new set of data wrangling functionality, this version also includes the Starter Perspective, which limits recommended nodes to those commonly used by beginners. 

As KNIME Analytics Platform continues to evolve, we will continue improving the experience for all users, including introducing more Perspectives tailored for specific domains and use cases. Stay tuned.

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Kick Start Your Analytics Journey with a Curated Set of Nodes

  • Get a friendly entry point to advanced analytics with a carefully selected set of recommended nodes.

  • Ensure an easy transition from spreadsheets to visual workflows with brand new spreadsheet manipulation and data wrangling features.

Faster Onboarding with Companion Resources

  • Support your first steps into analytics with a bundle of getting started resources, a cheat sheet, and a practitioner's webinar.

  • Explore 12+ working examples for the most common data wrangling use cases on the KNIME Community Hub.


Upskill to More Sophisticated Analytics

  • Increase familiarity with analytics techniques through a tailored experience, automate manual data wrangling, and expand to tackle more complex analyses.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of data science solutions by learning from use case specific workflow collections on the KNIME Community Hub.

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Getting Started Guide

Building your first workflow? Use this Getting Started Guide to take your first steps using KNIME Analytics Platform.

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Cheat Sheet for Spreadsheet Users

Use this cheat sheet, a companion just for KNIME Analytics Platform Version 5, as a quick reference for popular nodes and their purpose.

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Ready to Use Workflows

Learn more about included nodes and explore working examples in a collection on KNIME Community Hub.

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