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Data Apps are Now Dynamic and Shareable

Last year we launched data apps--multi-step applications that enabled end users to access and interact with the analyses created with KNIME workflows. Since then, we’ve made several improvements. Find out how parameters can be dynamically adjusted by using the Refresh Button widget, see how to create multi- or single-page interactive data apps with components, or scale adoption of data apps with shareable links or embed into third party applications.

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Integrated Deployment is Out of Labs

A speedy and reliable production process is key to the success of a data science project. Hear about Integrated Deployment, an innovative technique for the direct deployment of data science, which allows the data scientist to model both data science creation and production within the same environment.

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KNIME Hub Now Supports Collaboration

As the place to go to search for new nodes, extensions, and example workflows, the KNIME Hub is also a collaboration space. See a quick overview of the new design for search results, additional tooltips in the action bar, how to drag&drop components to your installation of KNIME, plus expanded collaboration abilities. 

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Sneak Peek: KNIME on the Edge

KNIME Edge is a new, upcoming feature for KNIME Server. Take models you've created with KNIME software and deploy them as an inference service. Apply your model at scale by creating an API endpoint, invoke your model through that endpoint, get your answer back and integrate into your applications.