Visual Programming for Data Science

A codeless environment for data experts.

An Environment that Lets Data Scientists Focus on Data Science

To take a project from start to finish, the modern data scientist touches dozens of technologies, and, even still, often relies on IT to help deploy their models.

KNIME’s Visual Programming environment enables even the most sophisticated data science work, while removing unnecessary technical complexity. Design visual workflows yourself, borrow blueprints from the community, or use-predefined workflows built by your peers.

KNIME workflows remove the friction from building, sharing, and explaining data science work. Create and productionize data science in one, uniform environment.

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Use a State-of-the-Art Data Science Stack, No Strings Attached


Mix and match technologies without worrying about compatibility. Connect to databases without SQL and ML libraries without Python. Leverage Tensorflow for some ML capabilities and H2O for others. Deploy your workflow via an API or a webapp. Or both.

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Choose Some-Code, Low-Code, or No-Code


KNIME Analytics Platform doesn't limit what you do with your data. Build workflows entirely using the drag-and-drop interface or work with your favorite language with one of the many scripting integrations. Choose to test out a new framework or prototype a solution without having to learn a new language.

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Communicate with Data Scientists and Business Counterparts


The visual environment provides just the right amount of abstraction to share your work, inside and outside of your team. Choose to annotate, or further package workflow segments to bring the appropriate level of data science understanding to both, data scientists and business stakeholders.

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