KNIME Summits and Data Talks

Upcoming KNIME Data Talks

The KNIME Data Talks program includes insights on relevant data science trends and topics, presentations from KNIME users and the community, product updates, panel discussions, and workshops - all across a broad range of industries, use cases, and regions.

KNIME Data Talks - R&D in Life Sciences: November 4

Join to learn how to automate analyses and make better data-driven decisions in Life Sciences R&D.

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KNIME Data Talks - Data Culture Across Industries: November 17

Learn how businesses across industries are leveraging KNIME to fuel a data-driven culture, with diverse organization members accessing varying levels of critical data insight.

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Recent Summits and Data Talks

Highlights, recordings, and slides from the most recent KNIME Data Talks and Summits:

KNIME Data Talks en Français

Oct 14, 2021: Véritable accélérateur, KNIME aide ses clients à extraire les données, les analyser ou prédire de nouveaux phénomènes.


KNIME Fall Data Talks: Bringing Business and Data Science Together

Sept 29, 2021: Opened by Michael Berthold with "Data and AI in the Real World" and focusing on bringing business and data science together.


KNIME Data Talks en Español

July 22, 2021: El evento realizado conjuntamente con nuestros socios IQuartil y ClearPeaks se enfocó en cómo la analítica soporta la toma de decisiones en los negocios.


KNIME Data Talks - Community Edition

July 7, 2021: These Data Talks focused on networking in the virtual meeting space, as well as highlighting updates from the latest software release.


KNIME Data Talks - Datenkultur

8. Juni 2021: Praxiserfahrungen zum Aufbau einer internen Commmunity und Etablierung einer zukunftsfähigen Datenkultur.


KNIME Data Talks - Brazil

May 18, 2021: Brazil realizado por nosso parceiro HupData focado em compartilhar experiências sobre Automação de Processos e Análise para Negócios usando KNIME.


KNIME Data Talks - Audit

May 11, 2021: Moderated by Mihály Medzihradszky and Jason Denzin, and discussing process automation and analytics for the audit practice using KNIME.


KNIME Data Talks - Lab Data

Apr 22, 2021: Moderated by Jeany Prinz and Alice Krebs and covering the challenges of digitalization initiatives in life science companies.


KNIME Spring Data Talks 2021

Mar 24, 2021: The first official KNIME Spring Data Talks, opened by Michael Berthold with "Visual Programming for Data Science".


KNIME Data Talks - Von Tabellen zu automatisierten Workflows

23. Februar 2021: Erste Schritte mit KNIME zur Automatisierung von repetitiven und manuellen Aufgaben.


KNIME Fall Summit 2020

Nov 18-20, 2020: Opened by Michael Berthold with "Closing the Gap in Data Science - The Complete Life Cycle".