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Public sector analytics

KNIME strengthens public sector organizations with secure end-to-end data science and transparent data access

  • Automate time-consuming processes and reporting for swift decision-making.Automate time-consuming processes and reporting for swift decision-making.
  • Access multiple data sources in a single-point-of-truth for agile service delivery.Access multiple data sources in a single-point-of-truth for agile service delivery.
  • Understand citizens’ needs and predict service requirements while maintaining auditability.Understand citizens’ needs and predict service requirements while maintaining auditability.

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They [Main Roads Western Australia] have seen a reduction in their performance reporting prep time from a few days to a maximum of a couple of hours - and that's growing.

Betsy Westphal, Strategy & Growth Executive, Forest Grove
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Why KNIME for the Public Sector

Sophisticated analytics, intuitive interface

Sophisticated analytics, intuitive interface

  • Deliver essential public-oriented services with an easy-to-use system that has deep analytical capabilities.
  • Empower beginners to automate tedious and time-consuming spreadsheet work, and enable data science experts to build advanced analytic models with KNIME’s visual programming interface.
  • Upskill beginners with a genAI assistant to auto-create analysis and provide guidance, empowering them to move onto more advanced analytic techniques over time.
A single environment for the entire data science lifecycle

A single environment for the entire data science lifecycle

  • Overcome increased exponential data growth and siloed data challenges, which are often experienced by public sector organizations as they become more data-driven.
  • Access and combine different data types from different sources using a single environment.
  • Support projects from start to finish whilst saving time, following fully-digitized, coherent processes, and avoiding the pains of fragmented solutions and disconnected technologies.

Extensible and flexible

Extensible and flexible

  • Give public sector teams the most connected and versatile data environment possible.
  • Give users access to over 300 data sources and the ability to  integrate any new types of data sources that come up in the future
  • Let data scientists leverage the latest AI/ML techniques including LLMs and use their preferred language such as R, Python, and more along with the choice to auto-create code with a genAI assistant
  • Allow public sector teams to build on the functionality of existing technology set-ups, enabling users to extract timely insights, with auditability and explainability ensured. All via the easy integrations with multiple systems.
Future-proof with open source

Future-proof with open source

  • Justify expenditure - which is more pressing for public sector organizations - with KNIME’s open-source approach that offers sustainable innovation in the long-term.
  • Remain on the bleeding edge of modern data science with a rapidly-evolving ecosystem and open-source community that regularly produces new ideas, frameworks, and products.
Scale as you grow

Scale as you grow

  • Provide public sector teams with data access and agility, while enabling data privacy and security through centralized administration.
  • Enable teams to collaborate, share, and reuse all kinds of analysis across departments, so that organizations remain flexible as they grow and change.
  • Ensure confidential information remains safe and decision makers can be certain the information they access is reliable and secure.