Research Projects

Projects where KNIME is an active partner.


The “Big Graph Data Analytics Workflows” (BIGGR) project aims at integrating tools and libraries for the efficient analysis of large networks and graphs. KNIME and collaborators from the University of Leipzig develop KNIME Analytics Platform and extensions in this two-year project to be a user-friendly solution and efficient solution for analysis of Big Graph Data.

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As part of a large consortium of biotechnology research institutes, KNIME works on building e-research infrastructure for the “Industrial Biotechnology Innovation and Synthetic Biology Accelerator” (IBISBA). KNIME Workflows are developed by collaborators to be integrated with a central platform for computational biology and biotechnology.

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Teaching materials

Access to teaching materials for data science courses for registered academics.

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External courses

Join a course using KNIME Software at an institution near you.

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KNIME certification

Become KNIME certified with our online certification program.

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