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Process Automation for Financial Auditing

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Audits have no room for error

Auditors are not only responsible for the credibility of an organization's financial operations, but also control the integrity and compliance of all downstream systems. However, selecting the appropriate data tools often gets forgotten - despite being paramount to the success of the auditing team.

The shortfall of spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are powerful but have their limitations when handling critical and complex data in big organizations.

  • Manual, labor-intensive work that is prone to error
  • Hard to standardize processes and collaboration
  • Insufficient or limited tools to thoroughly assess and report on risk
  • Limitations in data volume and analytical functionality
  • Not having enough hours in the day

The advantage of repeatable workflows

Whilst KNIME can’t buy you more time, it can make your life easier via:

  • The drag & drop, visual interface for building tailored solutions
  • Automation using repeatable, shareable, and documented workflows
  • Access to any type of data source
  • No limitations in data volume
  • Future proof for more complex analytical operations - on the same platform, no additional cost
  • Built-in security and compliance

KNIME in action in audit


Move auditing tasks from Excel to KNIME

Transition from Excel to KNIME for your financial auditing practices. This free guide maps the most commonly used Excel functions and techniques to their KNIME equivalents. It guides you through the steps you’d take in Excel and shows how they can be done in KNIME Analytics Platform. See how data reading, filtering, sorting, pivoting, math formulas, and commonly used functions such as vlookup are handled in KNIME.