KNIME Partner Award Program

If you're a partner or prospective partner with an active customer project for which KNIME may be a fit, please submit your leads here.

KNIME Partners are ambassadors of the KNIME brand and trusted advisors to our joint customers. They have a deep understanding of KNIME Software, data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and provide expertise within their respective markets. The organizations recognized with these awards represent a deep commitment to leveraging KNIME to develop innovative advanced data science projects.

The KNIME Partner Award Program recognizes KNIME Partners based on overall revenue performance, growth with KNIME’s enterprise products, excellent customer service, and delivering quality advanced data science projects. Rewarded partners distinguish themselves by building a strong network of KNIME customers, strengthening the KNIME community, conducting upskilling programs with existing and potential KNIME customers, and driving KNIME awareness in their region.

There are three awards this year. The Partner of the Year Award and Emerging Partner Award will be chosen by KNIME based on the criteria set out below. We encourage partners in our ecosystem to independently review the criteria and apply for The Partner Innovation Award.

Partner Innovation Award

This award recognizes partners who deliver innovative projects and share best practices and information by publishing blog articles, KNIME Innovation Notes, Success Stories, and KNIME Verified Components (templates provided by KNIME).

These resources provide benefits to the KNIME, data science, and machine learning communities by showing how cutting-edge KNIME technology can reveal actionable business insights. To apply for the Partner Innovation Award, download either the Success Story, Verified Component, or Innovation Note template. These must be filled out in their entirety in order to be accepted. We strongly suggest supplementing every entry with links to external documents that support your story (press articles, customer testimonials, analyst information, benchmarks, videos, awards, etc.). Please reach out to your partner manager or if you have questions about suitable content and how to structure it best. For some inspiration or guidance, feel free to look at existing Success Stories such as this one from ZF Group or this one by Sparkasse. Find examples of Innovation Notes here on pricing decisions or see this one on building a recommendation engine. For blog articles, please refer to the following example. Lastly, for verified components, you can take as a reference the following page. Submit the completed template and necessary attachments (images, logos, etc.) to

Timing: Applications may be submitted at any time from April 1 to December 31. Awards will be handed out in March each year at KNIME Spring Summit.

Partner of the Year Award

The Partner of the Year award recognizes outstanding performance by partners across business growth, commercial activity, and delivery of quality projects. During the nomination process, activities related to strengthening KNIME awareness in the focus region, empowering customers with KNIME software, driving customer success, and contributions to the KNIME community will be considered.

Timing: There is no submission required to apply for this award. Partner performance will be monitored and evaluated on a regular basis. KNIME will select the winning partners and present the awards in March each year.

Emerging Partner of the Year Award

The Emerging Partner of the Year Award is dedicated to partners who have recently joined the KNIME Partner Program, demonstrated consistent expertise with KNIME’s products, and commitment to outstanding business growth and performance. Finally, the Emerging Partner of the Year Award recognizes contributions to KNIME’s product innovation and impact on KNIME’s community.

Timing: There is no submission required to apply for this award. Partner performance will be monitored and evaluated on a regular basis. KNIME will select the winning partner and present the awards in March each year.


KNIME Partner Award winners will receive:

  • A unique KNIME trophy
  • Materials to support a press release which will be published on the KNIME website and social media
  • Digital badge/ribbon for your website
  • A seat on the KNIME Partner Board


Are there any specific eligibility requirements?

Yes. In order to enter, your organization must:

  • Be a KNIME Partner
  • Complete and submit the full application (valid only for the Partner Innovation Award)

How are winners determined?

The Partner Award winners will be selected by the KNIME Partner and Customer Care Team. The judges will take into consideration:

  • The completeness of the submitted application submitted (valid only for the Partner Innovation Award)
  • Key metrics which the KNIME Team will pull on behalf of the partner
  • The ability to demonstrate the success that the partner’s organization and/or customer has seen over the past year with KNIME Software

Who can I contact if I have additional questions?

Please contact with any questions about the Partner Award Program.

Can my organization win more than one award?

Yes. Partners will be eligible to win both the Partner Innovation Award and the Partner of the Year Award. Emerging Partner Award is dedicated for new partners, who present outstanding commitment with KNIME, and develop promising business ideas/activities.

Can I edit my application once I have submitted it (valid for Partner Innovation Award)?

Yes. There will be a few rounds of checking and approval before any material is finalized and published.

Registered Partners can log in here for access to the KNIME Partner Portal.

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