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No-code/Low-code Software

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What is no-code/low-code?

One of the most important software inventions of the 20th century was the graphical user interface (GUI). It was a development “in reaction to the perceived steep learning curve of command-line interfaces” and is the foundation of the no-code/low-code concept that makes sophisticated data analytics accessible to even non-technical people.

Why is it important?

No-code/low-code tools have been instrumental in enabling businesses transition from the manual, code-heavy, resource-intensive environments of the past to today’s automated, scalable insights-driven organizations.

How does it work?

Instead of commands, no-code/low-code platforms have built-in functionality that enables users to start creating applications by drag-and-drop. In contrast to coding approaches, no-code/low-code technologies offer an opportunity for users to concentrate on the data science and much less on the lines of code. The intuitive visual environment also enables business users with less technical skills to also build applications.

How does KNIME help?

KNIME is a platform for all data workers–from the business analyst to the data scientist.

KNIME no code software KNIME low code software workflow

Business workers can build applications at the KNIME workbench, dragging and dropping so-called nodes to form a sequence of tasks: a workflow. Data workers can draw on advanced ML and AI techniques to develop the most sophisticated data science work, while removing unnecessary technical complexity.

Collaborative: Data teams can create and share work easily: The data engineer can build a workflow which an ML engineer might not have been able to write themselves, but can understand and easily reuse: KNIME offers integrations to a multitude of tools and technologies

Reusable: Repeatable processes can be written once and reused by wrapping the process into a “component”. A company’s standardized ETL clean-up operations, standardized logging operations, or model API interfaces can be wrapped into a component and reused within the organization.

Scalable: Closing the gap between creation and production, KNIME’s Integrated Deployment visually captures the steps of the workflow to be automatically reused in production.

An Active No-Code/Low-Code Community

Business and data workers will get questions answered quickly by community members on the KNIME Forum and search the KNIME Hub for free solutions. This living resource consists of 1000s of publicly available example workflows, nodes, and extensions for users to download and use in their own projects.