Meet Your Customers: The Marketing Analytics Collection

Edited by Roberto Cadili & Francisco Villarroel Ordenes
Meet Your Customers book cover

Social media and web-based marketing have given a big push in the digitalization of customer and business market behaviors, generating an unprecedented wealth of data in different shapes, types, and formats. Leveraging data transformation techniques, machine learning and statistics algorithms, businesses can analyze customer data to identify patterns, perform predictive analytics, and derive actionable insights.

For example, understanding who your customers are, what they purchase, what product can be recommended, or how they perceive and talk about a brand is key to design ad-hoc campaigns, optimize pricing, or even launch new products and services.

In this book, we have collected 15+ use cases in Marketing Analytics to illustrate possible solutions to popular marketing problems by business experts, researchers and data scientists. Topics range from sentiment analysis and customer experience evaluation, to SEO optimization, churn prediction, brand reputation measurement, and much more. Of course, using a no-code/low-code approach with KNIME Analytics Platform!



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